Studio Lighting vs. Natural Light, the Vacation Camera, and More

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Opinion: Studio Lighting Will Almost Always be Better Than Just Natural Light.

Studio Lighting vs. Natural Light

It’s an old argument amongst photographers. Which is better, studio lighting or natural light? To me, the strengths and advantages of studio lighting are easily noticeable. However, both have their place and there are occasions when natural light might be preferred. But, in most cases, studio lighting will just make photos pop much more. Or, at least it provides you more control to make it happen. Continue reading

TLC Thoughts: More Than a Photographer, Mirrorless Craze, Battery Power

mirrorless camera growth

The mirrorless camera craze might finally force the DSLR juggernauts to react.

Those in Search of Photographers Often Need More

It’s true that more and more, companies are looking for more from their photographers. They don’t just want you to show up, set up and snap. Probably 4 out of 5 companies I speak with want me to bring more to the table. But, what could that mean? Continue reading

TLC Thoughts: Hard Drive Failures and Adobe and Profoto Issues

Hard Drives Fail

An Fstoppers post reminded me today how paranoid I am about data loss despite – knock on wood – never having it happen to me. Well, I don’t think I’m paranoid but, every time I tell someone of my setup I’m told I might be. Continue reading

The Light Committee Photography Studio Adds Seasonal Photo Packages


Nothing to Report Here…

The Los Angeles Area Commercial Service Also Has Updated Options for 2018 Headshots and More

LOS ANGELES – March 13, 2018 – The Light Committee, a Los Angeles area commercial photography studio, is now providing photo packages for engagements, seniors, anniversaries and reunions, and holidays. In addition, other standard sessions for headshots and portraits have been updated. Common rates for these and other sessions are now available online. Continue reading

A Gentleman’s Wisdom in Less Than a Minute

A wise man once said… Well, just watch instead. Just for the fun of it…

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