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NOTE: The studio has just one physical location in Montrose (Glendale) and these are just “service areas” where The Light Committee travels for mobile headshots.

Portrait Studio

If you’re in Burbank and need to get headshots, it might make sense to find a Burbank photographer. But, this can limit you. There will only be a few and are they truly the best if you’re willing to look outside of Burbank? Or, perhaps they will charge much more than what you could have had elsewhere. The Light Committee can come to Burbank for mobile headshot services or clients come to the studio. With great prices. many clients come to the studio nearby See how close by the studio is located to Burbank with the map below. Then book actor headshots or corporate headshots. As mentioned, you can also get mobile headshots at your office and more.

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The Light Committee is a photo studio that is nearby. It is centrally located to the greater metro area and it has a focus on professional headshots that include for actors and businesspeople. In addition, the studio provides modeling digitals or modeling Polaroids and lifestyle photo shoots. Lifestyle photo shoots include senior portraits, graduation photo shoots, dating profile photos, and social media photo shoots.

Most people want a great photo shoot experience and there can be several things that impact a positive vibe. You could overpay someone. For example, perhaps you think you found the right photographer and paid several hundreds of dollars only to later learn there was a better photographer that also cost half what you had paid. To avoid such frustrations, doing research on a photographer in Burbank and beyond is important.

Technical Capabilities

There are plenty of gear to be used at The Light Committee studio for headshots. So, capturing the type of shots you might be after is almost unlimited. To this end, the studio regularly does:

  • Commercial actor looks
  • Theatrical actor looks
  • Cinematic actor looks
  • Comedic actor looks
  • Professional business headshots
  • Multi-light studio lighting and modifiers
  • Natural light outdoors

Some people love studio lighting and some people love natural lighting. There is no definitive wrong about this and much of which light to use should depend on your goals. But if you were going to do natural light, what might be good locations in Burbank? See below.

Brace Canyon Park

2901 Haven Way, Burbank, CA 91504

Mountain View Park

1401 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506

Burbank, a city in the San Fernando Valley, and The Light Committee studio is nearby.

A commercial actor headshot of a woman in a sweater in a studio near Los Angeles
Get the Best Headshots in Los Angeles, Whether In Studio or Natural Light