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Get the Best Acting Headshots in LA?

Getting high-quality acting headshots in Los Angeles that are also affordable can be a daunting task. You need to find the best headshot photographer with proven experience collaborating with actors to create headshots that help achieve their purpose. This means head shots proven to help get good results for actors, like getting agent representation or using headshots to help get cast with major studio productions or commercial productions. The Light Committee is the go-to photography studio to help you with this, with regularly proven results. But there’s more. You will also experience great service and a studio location that is arguably unrivaled in Los Angeles.


The Best Commercial & Theatrical Acting Headshots in Los Angeles of a Woman and a Man

option for hair and makeup artist for headshots at The Light Committee

Learn more about having a hair and makeup artist at the studio for your session.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop with a large display / screen, you can check out higher resolution example headshots:


Whether you’re working with an agent or getting headshots to help get an agent, The Light Committee can help create the commercial looks you need. This includes consultation on matching background and lighting scenes to the looks you’re after. This is also whether to go with studio-lit or natural-light headshots right in front of the studio.


Dark and mysterious, villainous or victim – whatever theatrical look you are after, The Light Committee can provide expert cinematic lighting to help create the scene that helps bring your looks to life. Check out more examples below.

Looks are not limited to just in-studio. Explore this website to see some examples of natural light headshots done right in front of and around the outside of the studio.

You can also see some of these examples on the pages showing just women’s acting headshots or just men’s acting headshots using the buttons above.

Pick a headshot type from the menu. Select the “see rates” button. Pick a session and you’ll be taken to the booking system.
There are a few sessions. The most popular is $150 and is 60 minutes, includes 3 looks (outfit changes), and 2 retouches. You also get all the non-retouched shots, which can be 25-40 shots per look.
We'll review the shots as we go to make sure we're on target. We can do in-studio, natural light, or both (sun and weather permitting).
You’ll be emailed an online gallery of all the shots. You select your favorite(s) there for retouching. When retouching is finished, the shot(s) are made available via the same gallery.
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The most 5-star Google reviews of any other headshot photographer in greater Los Angeles. Select the map below to read the real reviews now and see the studio location.

In Los Angeles, Rafael offers exceptional actor headshots that encapsulate your unique charisma and talent. He is skilled at capturing the essence of your persona, providing you with a headshot that can propel your acting career.

Aiding Your Acting Ambitions

Rafael’s mission is to offer high-quality headshots for acting in Los Angeles. He understands the importance of a captivating headshot in this highly competitive industry. His comprehensive understanding of the industry’s demands allows him to provide you with a headshot that can make a lasting impression.

Crafting Your Visual Narrative

With his expertise in actor headshots in Los Angeles, he is committed to helping you stand out from the crowd. He aims to highlight your individuality and talent in each shot, giving you an edge in auditions and casting calls. Trust in his ability to help you create a compelling visual narrative.

*Headshots Proven to Help You Book!

See the Details at the Bottom of This Page

Details on What Each Actor Headshot Session Includes:

Around 25-30 shots per look. Max time includes consult, setup, etc. Same-day headshot service is an add-on option to get retouches the same day. Natural light studio sessions done within 1-2 blocks of studio storefront. To note, a “look” change is an outfit change, hair or makeup change, background or light setup change that takes less than 5 minutes each. Extra retouches, $25 each. Deposit required and final full payment due at the end of the session. Option to add hair and/or makeup stylist during booking.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Quick Actor Session

Up to 2 Looks
1 Retouch Included
  • 30 Minutes Max
  • Pick One, Studio or Natural Light
  • Up to 2 Looks to See Which 1 You Like for Retouch
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

Standard Actor Session

Up to 3 Looks
2 Retouches Included
  • 60 Minutes Max
  • Can Do Studio and/or Natural Light
  • Up to 3 Looks to See Which 2 You Like for Retouch
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

Premium Actor Session

Up to 5 Looks
5 Retouches Included
  • 90 Minutes Max
  • Can Do Studio and/or Natural Light
  • Up to 5 Looks & 5 Retouches Included
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

All Natural Light Actor Session

Up to 2 Looks, If Possible Outdoors
4 Retouches Included
  • 30 Mins. Downtown Glendale &
  • 30 Mins. at a Glendale Park
  • Or all 60 Mins. in Downtown Glendale or Park
  • Studio Will Contact You About a Meeting Spot
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

Non-retouched photos are provided as web-resolution JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online. Amount of retouching is at photographer’s discretion for one round of edits. Additional requests for retouching may require additional costs.


“Just one week after my shoot with Rafael, something amazing happened… I booked a commercial gig! While I can’t guarantee the same outcome for everyone, I must say that my headshots from The Light Committee played a pivotal part in that recent success! Within two weeks, I was signed by a commercial and print agent who spotted my headshots on one of the major platforms through which I submit for acting roles.” – JaMaal M.

“Rafael is the best photographer and knows exactly what he is doing! His studio is in the heart of Montrose and is in a beautiful area…  I definitely recommend Rafael and his amazing services! He won’t disappoint at all!” – Brittany C.

“Really easy shoot, great service, great photos, great price!! I would 100% recommend for actors who need affordable headshots that will really help them stand out.” – Grace P.

“I am an actress and have taken headshots with Rafael twice. The first time I took headshots with him I was able to use them to find an agent to represent me, and two months later they got me a McDonald’s audition WITH THE SAME HEADSHOT. I even booked the role! The studio is gorgeous and you have your own bathroom and makeup vanity to feel comfortable and get yourself glamorous.” – Jovita T.

“Rafael was highly professional and creative. He came up with ideas to enhance the concepts I already had for my headshots. His studio is first rate with all the equipment needed… The location is convenient and parking free (bonus!). I highly recommend The Light Committee for actor headshots.” – Rodney M.

*Proven Results!

Securing an agent

Securing commercial auditions

Securing major studio auditions

The Light Committtee recommended by agents

Actor Headshots Printing Services

Printing for limited-run 8×10″ headshots are offered for $30 for the first print, plus $3 for each additional print. Samples are available on-site. High quality premium luster paper is used. Mailing can be done for an additional fee or prints can be made available for pick up at the studio when they are ready. *NOTE: printing services are ONLY offered to customers that had their photos made / shot by The Light Committee.

Commercial or Theatrical Headshots?

If you are just getting started with acting – no agent representation – you might opt to have at least one commercial and one theatrical look. This is usually the minimum you want and ideally you’d want 5-6 different shots of each for a broad starting actor portfolio. They should also probably not be too specific in terms of being a character headshot for acting. You want shots that provide generalized appeal to attempt to interest as many agents as possible. Such acting headshots will also be good to post on profiles like Backstage or Actors Access.

If you already have an agent or manager, it is advised that you get their guidance on what they need from your headshot to help them help you. Do not just settle for them saying “just get a blue background” or something vague like that. Ask them to send you example pictures that they like and then ask your chosen photographer if they can recreate similar looks.

As an example of how specific you might want to get, let’s first assume you are getting your agent’s guidance on a commercial look. Ask them what type of shirts you should wear, what colors are acceptable, what patterns or okay? Do they want you posed straight on or at a slight or clear profile? How smiley should you be? Do they want a studio or outdoors shot? Ask them to send you 3-4 examples they like. Then ask your actor headshot photographer if they can help light you in the same way.

More On Getting Headshots for Actors

If you do not have an agent yet, you can do this exercise for yourself. Find examples you like. You do not have to go to one acting headshots photographer that can only do that look only. Of course you can if you want to. But getting headshots for acting is ensuring the headshots will represent you the way you want to come across. So, it is best to find a photographer that can adapt their lighting and setups to achieve your goals rather than one that applies the lighting setup they know and cannot stray away from because they do not know how to or it makes them uncomfortable, or they don’t have the equipment to do so.

Some actors do want to go to a photographer because they want the style they produce and that is okay too. But just because you like that look, does it do the best at representing who you can be as an actor or are you sliding on an uncomfortable slipper that doesn’t truly fit you?

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*NOTE: The Light Committee makes no warranties or guarantees about the results headshots will offer, whether expressed or implied. Getting a good headshot like seen here is but one important component to succeeding at getting an agent, getting cast as an actor, or achieving other successes. Individual results vary and can be impacted by other factors, like am impactful demo reel, good demonstrable experience, and more. The results mentioned here were verified by The Light Committee via individual actor profiles available online or by being informed by the actor of their achievements.

The Light Committee Has a Service Area for Acting Headshots of Greater Los Angeles

Map of Greater Los Angeles

Covering headshots in Los Angeles throughout the county and into Orange County too. Whether you’re based in Burbank, Hollywood, Pasadena or elsewhere, The Light Committee, located in the Glendale area, is your best option for acting headshots.