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Location shoots too (inquire for custom rates), in-studio, or outdoors around the studio’s location. Get great photos while you have a great experience!

So, What’s Included in a Session?

We’ll create around 100 shots and access to a premium online gallery will be emailed to you in 1-2 business days where you can select retouches and download all extra non-retouched photos too. Finished retouches are provided 1-2 business days after your selection is received.

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Info About the Booking Process

You can book online right from this page and you will get a confirmation email with a receipt. A deposit is required to hold your spot and it is refundable if you meet the cancellation policy. You should also get an email reminder the day before your shoot.

The studio is in Montrose, CA and there are two lots with three hours of free parking to the north and south of Honolulu Ave. There is metered parking too but, they only accept coins.

Not sure where Montrose is? It is part of Glendale and Glendale is next to Burbank to the west and Pasadena to the east. For some more perspective, North Hollywood is under 15 miles away, Beverly Hills is around 20 miles away and Santa Monica is 28 miles away.

Treat Yourself!

If it's not for business use or an online profile you can always just treat yourself to a great photo shoot at a great price!

Each Session Includes:

We’ll create around 100 shots and access to a premium online gallery will be emailed to you in 1-3 business days where you can select retouches and also you get to download all extra non-retouched photos too – as web-resolution JPEG files of 2,500 DPI size on the long edge uncropped. Finished retouches are provided 1-3 business days after your selection is received. Retouching may be outsourced as needed. Amount of retouching is at photographer’s discretion for one round of edits. Additional requests for retouching may require additional costs.

Max time includes consult, setup, etc. Same-day headshot service is an add-on option to get retouches the same day. Natural light studio sessions done within 1-2 blocks of studio storefront. To note, a “look” change is an outfit change, hair or makeup change, background or light setup change that takes less than 5 minutes each. Extra retouches, $25 each. Deposit required and final full payment due at the end of the session.

Accepted Forms of Payment


  • 30 Minutes (10/20 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • We'll Create 25-40 Photos to Have Plenty to Save
  • (Cap & Gown Not Provided)
  • Online Gallery Provided to Download all Photos and Select a Retouch
  • 1 Retouch Include. Buy Extras $25 Each


  • 90 Minutes (15/75 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • 1 Studio Portrait + Rest of the Time at a Glendale, CA Park
  • Photographer to Choose the Park (Cap & Gown Not Provided)
  • 2 Retouches Included
  • Can Share/Split the Session with Up to One Friend - MUST INFORM THE STUDIO
  • All Non-Retouched Photos Also Included


  • 2 Hours (20/100 Minutes for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • 30-60 Minutes in Studio Against a Custom Backgrounds
  • Combination of Time Can Include:
  • - In Studio with Studio Lights
  • - In Front of the Studio in Natural Light
  • - At a Glendale, CA Park of Photographer's Choosing
  • Up to 3 Looks, 4 Retouches Included
  • All Non-Retouched Photos Also Included


  • 90 Minutes (15/75 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • Half of Time for 2 Studio Portraits in 2 Outfits Against a Custom Background
  • Rest of the Time In Natural Light Just Outside the Studio
  • Up to 4 Looks, 3 Retouches Included


  • 90 Minutes (15/75 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • Combine Time for Any of the Following Two Locations:
  • * Time in Studio Against Custom Backgrounds
  • * Time Just Outside the Studio in Natural Light
  • Up to 4 Looks, 3 Retouches Included
A social media photo shoot of a man in the arts district in downtown Los Angeles

Business Lifestyle Photo Shoots or Corporate Photography

The Light Committee primarily focuses on photographing individuals one-on-one. In most cases this consists of actor headshots and corporate headshots. However, it also means lifestyle shoots as there are many scenarios ideal for one-on-one photography.

This is another type of commercial photo used for marketing purposes, sometimes also referred to as environmental photography. However, while a headshot is centered around promoting the individual, a lifestyle shot of that individual is centered more around selling that person’s services, goods, experience, and so on.

One clear example might be a chef, where his or her headshot might be on the “about” section of a restaurant whereas a lifestyle photo of that chef cooking something in the kitchen might be on the “our story” page. In this way, such a photo can convey that the chef is a capable cook, restauranter, and so on. The same can be said about almost any profession: an accountant at their computer, a doctor in their patient room, a lawyer in their conference room, a real estate agent in front of a home, and so on.

So, a lifestyle photo shoot for such purposes can very much be about the location to drive home a desired branding element. And there are plenty of possibilities in Los Angeles. But it can also be in-studio and just about wardrobes and props that help with creating a marketing position.

Graduation Portraits

Seniors in high school or college often want photos of themselves in their cap and gown or in a studio or location to remember the memories, or for their parents to do so. Many people are fine with the standard yearbook or other school picture. But for many, that is not high quality enough.

So, The Light Committee offers graduation photo shoots for high schoolers and college graduates. A common request is to have some studio shots in their cap and gown and then in a regular outfit too and then to have some more photos of themselves outdoors, sometimes in nature settings.

The nearby Glendale area, as well as Los Angeles at large, provides for plenty of nature-like and cityscape settings to do outdoors photo shoots.

Senior portrait and graduation photo shoot in Los Angeles
Dating profile photo shoot in Los Angeles

Dating Profile Photos

Having professional photos for your dating profile is increasingly advised. There are many researched reasons why professional dating photos are important for anyone using dating apps. Dating profile photos can consist of many photos.

In most cases, at least one headshot is preferred and so is one full body shot. These can be done in a studio ideally but also outdoors. In addition to these, other shots can help showcase your style. This can be photos in your favorite outfits or doing your favorite things. But they can also be simpler than this while still expressing you care about quality. For example, it can be photos of yourself walking through a park or hanging out in a cityscape setting around Los Angeles.

A lifestyle photo shoot in studio with a famous musician in Los Angeles

Social Media Photo Shoots

Social media accounts are increasingly important to come across professional and that means with higher quality photos. With most of the world settling for using their basic smartphone cameras, a professional photo shoot can create content that clearly stands apart.

This is not just important for quality marketing but also because those looking to partner with you are more and more checking out your social media to see how you come across. For actors, this is casting directors and talent agents. For businesspeople it is headhunters or potential employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much are Senior Portraits in Los Angeles?
If you are looking for a quick studio session, they can be around the $100-$200 range. But if you’re looking for a longer session, perhaps outdoors at a specific location, they can be double or more this cost. It also depends on if you are looking for prints or just digital files.

How Much is a Graduation Photo Shoot in Los Angeles?
Because a person is asking the photographer to travel to a location, they can cost more than a studio shoot, such as a starting cost of $200 or more. It also depends on if you are looking for a photographer to shoot a group of you or just one person.

How Much Should I Pay for a Dating Profile Photographer in Los Angeles?
Dating profile photos are usually lifestyle photos at a location but can also include a studio headshot. So, they can be sessions lasting 1-3 hours and resulting in 4-5 finished photos. So, a price point of $200-$400 is likely reasonable.

How Much is Corporate Photography in Los Angeles?
Corporate photography, consisting of office photos, team photos, business environment photos, and other like shots, can take 1-2 days to complete and then the headshot photographer does their magic post production work too. So, rates can be in the hundreds of dollars to thousands. Much of it depends on the size of the office and team.

Other Lifestyle Photo Shoots

There are other professionals that often turn to lifestyle photo shoots. Musicians can use it for their marketing. Authors can use them for their “about the author” section. Models clearly know how they can use these photo shoots in their portfolio.

Then there are fitness consultants and pretty much any type of other consultant. If you have an idea for a photo shoot not covered here, The Light Committee can probably help. Contact the studio to ask about it.

What to Expect in a Lifestyle Photo Shoot

First, you will book a photo shoot with The Light Committee from the BOOK NOW button on this page. There is one session that is in-studio while all the others are on-location, typically outdoors somewhere. This can be in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or Los Angeles at large. The photographer reserves the right to reject a location, for reasons from safety to not being ideal for photography conditions. Note also that lifestyle sessions outdoors are natural light only. This is because most places would require paying for a permit to setup studio lighting outdoors.

If the shoot is outdoors, you will be contacted to setup and agree upon a meeting location. At this time it will be ideal to also begin the collaboration process about what you are after in the photo shoot. Typically, this means informing The Light Committee about your profession or personal use goals and how you plan to use the photos.

You will receive confirmations for the booking and reminders too. Once the photo shoot is done, an online gallery will be created where you will be able to download the photos. Downloads are provided as JPEG files of approximately 2,000 DPI size, long edge. This proof gallery typically reaches you by email around a couple of business days after the shoot. The proof gallery is also where you can opt to buy retouches. Paying for retouches is decoupled from paying for sessions because the majority of the time, people change their minds about how many retouches they want after seeing the gallery.

Once you make your retouch selections, the gallery will be updated so you can download the retouches too. This is typically another two business days after your selections, but it depends on how many retouches you want too. For the retouched shots, they are print-quality versions. They are usually cropped as 8×10″. So, the size is around 3,000 DPI, long edge. Note these details are subject to change without notice.

close up shot of hundred dollar bills

How Much Do Most People Charge for Senior Pictures?

The cost of senior portraits or a graduation photoshoot can vary from $50 to more than $1,000. It all depends on what you are after.

If you just want a run-of-the-mill photo from a department store, it can get pretty affordable. But if you want a half day or more in different locations with different themes, and then prints, and so on, it can be a lot more costly.

Set a plan for what you want and then inquire with photographers about how much they would charge to help your plan come to life. Some photographers may not be able to help. Some might but at much more the cost than another one.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Senior Pictures Taken?

There is no right or wrong place to get senior portraits made. A classic studio shot can look great with the right photographer. A lifestyle shot in a park or with cityscape might be more up your alley. Or, perhaps you want a lifestyle session that captures the essence of their high school experience, like the football player or musician in the band.

Have a discussion with your graduate, or if you are the graduate, think about what you want to feel when you go back to those photos in 5-10 years and look at them again.

What Is the Best Month to Take Senior Pictures?

It gets harder to plan for creating senior pictures if you put it off after graduation. Life gets in the way and before you know it, a couple of years goes by and it might be too late. So, try to get them made before you graduate.

Now, about the best months to do it, it depends on what city you live in. In Los Angeles, pretty much any month will do but summer months being hot, should be avoided. In other cities with snowy weather, perhaps March through May or June are ideal. Again, you want to avoid weather that will impact how the photos look. Generally, snow will limit your options outdoors as will 100 degree heat.

Session Options

Should I Hire a Photographer for My Dating Profile?

Yes, you should hire a photographer to create your dating profile photos. You do not have to, of course, but research has shown it helps a lot.

A photographer can help create polished images of you. They will help you look the best you can in photos. After all, that is the purpose of photos in a dating profile – to weed out the photos that do not look good.

Are There Photographers for Dating Apps?

More and more there are photographers for dating apps. Competition is fierce on dating apps and people with profiles in them need to standout as much as possible.

As a result, more people are turning to professional photographers for at least some, if not all, of their dating profile photos. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone and can snap some photos to post. But it shows much more care and polish to work with a photographer instead

Dating profile photo shoot in Los Angeles
A cinematic photo shoot of a fitness trainer in Los Angeles

What Is Considered Lifestyle Photography?

First, consider that a headshot is a photo of someone’s face used for commercial reasons. It can be to post it to LinkedIn to improve the potential to be recruited or for an actor’s profile to be considered for auditions. For headshots in Los Angeles, that’s what most people look to do when they work with a headshots photographer. Meanwhile a portrait might be a photo of someone’s face but it is purely for personal use, for memories, for example.

A lifestyle photo is similar with a headshot in that it is typically for commercial use. But while a headshot is intended to show a person’s face, a lifestyle photo is intended to show what a person does. It can be a chef in their kitchen. It might be a personal trainer working out, a real estate agent in front of a new home listing, and so on.

What Is the Purpose of Lifestyle Photography?

The purpose of using such a lifestyle photo is to get the potential customer closer and more attuned to how they can help you. Again, think of that personal trainer working out in an image. Someone looking for a trainer might see it and say, “I want to look like that.” So, the purpose of a lifestyle photo is to get agreement from a potential client – “they can do that” or “I can do that too” or “that’s who I need to work with,” and so on.