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Professional Headshots Los Angeles in Studio
Select your headshot type from the main menu. Next, select the “see rates” button to see pricing and what’s included. Select a session. You’ll be taken to the booking system to schedule. Hit the arrows on the side here to go forward or back to the next detail slide…
Select a date and time you want and sign up. You will get a confirmation and receipt for the deposit by email. The confirmation will have a link to a page with useful info, like the address, where to park, etc…
We’ll get started with an initial consult to learn what your goals are. This is to get in sync about backgrounds to use, the light setups we’ll need, etc. Then the fun begins as we start your session! It really is a fun collaborative process!
You’ll get to review the shots for each look as we go. So, you’ll be confident that we are achieving success before we wrap up. For each look we’ll discuss ideas and tips ahead of shooting so each look turns out great!
You’ll be emailed an online gallery of all the shots, same day to next business day. You can download all the shots, not just the retouched shots. You select your favorite(s) there for retouching. When retouching is finished, it / they will be provided via the same gallery.
Unretouched photos provided as smaller JPEG files. Retouched shots provided as print-quality JPEG and a smaller compressed JPEG ready-made for posting. RAW files are not provided. Deposit required. Remaining balance due at end of session. There is a cancellation policy. Retouching usually done 1-2 business days after receiving your selection. Same-day service option. See FAQ page for many more Q&As.
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Getting really good headshots that are also affordable can be a difficult task to do in Los Angeles. With The Light Committee, you get both and more. The studio rates are amongst the best value throughout the LA area. The high-quality results are also arguably the best you can find. But there is more. You will also realize impeccable customer service and a studio location that rivals any other. No matter the look you’re after, and especially if you need to meet technical requirements (like ERAS® medical residency applicants), you can rely on The Light Committee. In addition, the studio can do mobile headshots by coming to your Los Angeles area office for team headshots.


The studio has practically countless backdrop color and texture options to suit whatever look you’re after and this includes classic options like various shades of gray, white, and more. Head down the page to see some examples of studio headshots or use an option below to see only women’s headshot examples or just men’s headshot examples.

Professional Headshots Los Angeles Natural Light


The studio’s location has many options right in front and in the surrounding blocks for natural light outdoor headshot options. You are not bound to just choosing between outdoors or in-studio. Any session option currently allows for either or both. Head down the page to see some examples of headshots done outdoors or choose an option above to see many more example headshots of just women or just men.

option for hair and makeup artist for headshots at The Light Committee

Learn more about having a hair and makeup artist at the studio for your session.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop with a large display / screen, you can check out higher resolution example headshots:

The most 5-star Google reviews of any other headshot photographer in greater Los Angeles. Select the map below to read the real reviews now and see the studio location.

Mastering Business Headshots in Los Angeles

In today’s digital age, Rafael, the photographer, knows how crucial it is to have a striking online presence. That is why he specializes in creating impactful business headshots in Los Angeles. He uses his photographer expertise to capture images that communicate your professionalism and dedication.

Elevating Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

With his professional services, he aims to elevate the standard of corporate headshots in Los Angeles. He understands that each client is unique, and he strives to reflect this individuality in every shot. His goal is to help you stand out in the corporate world with confidence.

Crafting Executive Headshots in Los Angeles

At his studio, he believes that an executive’s image should exude authority and leadership. This belief guides him as he crafts compelling executive headshots in Los Angeles. He meticulously balances lighting and composition to highlight your best features and convey your executive prowess.

Delivering Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

Regardless of your profession or industry, he is committed to delivering exceptional professional headshots in Los Angeles. Rafael works closely with his clients to understand their needs and aspirations, ensuring that each headshot he produces helps to create a powerful and lasting impression.

Details on What’s Included:

Around 25-30 shots per look. Max time includes consult, setup, etc. Same-day headshot service is also an add-on option to get retouches the same day. Natural light studio sessions done within 1-2 blocks of studio storefront. To note, a “look” change is an outfit change, hair or makeup change, background or light setup change that takes less than 5 minutes each. Extra retouches, $25 each. Option to add hair and/or makeup stylist during booking.

Quick Business Session

Up to 2 Looks
1 Retouch Included
  • 30 Minutes Max
  • Pick One, Studio or Natural Light
  • Up to 2 Looks to See Which 1 You Like for Retouch
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

Standard Business Session

Up to 3 Looks
2 Retouches Included
  • 60 Minutes Max
  • Can Do Studio and/or Natural Light
  • Up to 3 Looks to See Which 2 You Like for Retouch
  • See Above for Details & Caveats

Premium Business Session

Up to 5 Looks
5 Retouches Included
  • 90 Minutes Max
  • Can Do Studio and/or Natural Light
  • Up to 5 Looks & 5 Retouches Included
  • See Above for Details & Caveats

All Natural Light Business Session

Up to 2 Looks, If Possible Outdoors
4 Retouches Included
  • 30 Mins. Downtown Glendale &
  • 30 Mins. at a Glendale Park
  • Or all 60 Mins. in Downtown Glendale or Park
  • Studio Will Contact You About a Meeting Spot
  • See Above for Full Details & Caveats

Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online (2,000 DPI long edge). Retouches may be outsourced by the studio as needed. Amount of retouching is at photographer’s discretion for one round of edits. Additional requests for retouching may require additional costs.

Mobile Headshot Rates

Less Than $100 Average Headshot Price Per Person!

Have the studio come to your offices for professional headshot in Los Angeles and for the convenience of creating headshots for a few to many team members with little productivity interruption. There is an additional cost for locations 25+ miles from the TLC studio address. See more details about mobile headshot services here.


“I needed some professional head shots done and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and quality of photos I received. The location of the studio is great with plenty of public parking nearby… The studio is new and very clean… Rafael himself is what truly made the experience top notch… I definitely would recommend this place…” – Joelle J.

“I had such a great experience shooting with Rafael… Such a clean professional studio. I highly recommend scheduling a session if you are in need of headshots or any professional photos. Rafael is a master at his craft… The hospitality is truly incredible with such a comfortable atmosphere… 10 out of 10 rating!” – Trevor T.

“Rafael is by far the best professional headshot photographer I’ve ever worked with… He made me feel very comfortable and his studio had everything you could want or need… I could not believe how affordable his prices were for such excellent headshots… 5 stars all the way.” – Sarah G.

“Rafael has an amazing studio and is so talented as a photographer.  I’ve had to do headshots a number of times, and the quality of his work is just so much better than anyone I’ve worked with previously.  The shoot we did was truly the best experience all around…” – Gina D.

“Rafael is the best!  The best photographer I’ve found… I am always skeptical of photographers and don’t usually enjoy having pictures of me taken. I was surprised at how comfortable Rafael made me feel, and how much I enjoyed the experience… I definitely recommend him and his exceptional, high quality work.” – Marie D.

Studio or Outside Headshots?

Depending on the session you opted for, you might want outside headshots or studio headshots. This is a matter of personal preference, and neither is wrong. The Light Committee generally recommends studio shots primarily over natural light shots, specifically if it is for corporate headshots Los Angeles. This is not to say do not do natural light – just consider it as a secondary option, especially if you are doing multiple looks. However, much of this depends on your goal in the headshot. If you want to scream professionalism, a studio shot is probably best. If you want to scream warm and inviting, then perhaps natural light might be better.

But usually studio shots are the better choice. There are a few reasons why. In a studio, a photographer that knows what they are doing is in full control of the environment. They can position lights where they want, adjust levels, and modify them as needed to help make sure light falls on you in the most flattering way or in whatever way is necessary to meet the goals you are after. For example, a movie director might want a bit of drama in their headshot while a real estate agent generally wants to look highly approachable. With a studio and studio lights, the photographer is in full control as to how dramatic or how cheery the shot can look.

Outdoors, the photographer has much less control. The sun is where it will be and that changes by the hour. It might be too bright or too dark at appointment time. It might be windy, rainy, and more. It might be cold and make your skin more red or hot and make you sweat. Some outdoor background scenes can look really good but some not so good. There can be distractions like traffic, other people, and so on.

But again, natural light is a strong candidate for headshots – there is a look to natural light photos that is appealing too. But for the above reasons and more, studio-lit headshots are usually recommended. If you are doing many looks, do consider at least one with natural light. Or, of course, if you know the look you want is best with natural light, then it should be your primary scene.

Special Requirements for Your Headshot Photograph

The Light Committee does a lot of headshots that require meeting technical specifications. For example, this includes headshots for ERAS medical residency applications that have specification requirements like, sizing at 2.5 x 3.5 inches, a JPEG file less than 150 KB and maximum resolution of 150 DPI. Some corporations require a specific background color or that employees wear a specific item. Such requirements can go well beyond what is needed for LinkedIn headshots or any other headshots photo.

As a result, it is recommended you bring any specifications with you and inform the photographer in advance. You might even add this information during booking. When you book, there is an opportunity to add a note or comments. This is just in case the composition of the headshot needs to be reconsidered as a result of needing to meet any requirements.

Also, if you are working with a web designer and are planning to use your business headshots on a website, find out if the designer has any specifications to meet. Often there are certain crops they will want, such as for a hero shot.

To this end, you might need to consider a lifestyle photo shoot session in addition or instead of a headshot session. Lifestyle photos are another type of photo and you can see examples and learn about lifestyle photo shoots here.

Medical Residency ERAS headshots in Los-Angeles by The Light Committee
An ERAS medical residency headshot has specific requirements to follow for applicants to submit it

Serving Greater Los Angeles

Map of Greater Los Angeles

The studio, located in the Glendale area, provides headshots in Los Angeles where clients come from all over the city. Whether Burbank or Pasadena, to Santa Monica, or places in between like Beverly Hills and more, people turn to The Light Committee for its quality and value.