Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers

Rates & Fees

Headshot rates and details on what is included are conveniently listed on the individual services pages for the type of photo shoot you want, and on booking system. There are also mobile headshot rates there. General video production rates are listed. Please inquire from the contact page for custom rates.

To book, a deposit is required, which you can pay for with your credit or debit card. For the balance due at the end of your session, you can pay with a major credit card, cash, Venmo or PayPal. For cash, exact amounts are preferred. Sorry, no personal checks or cryptocurrency. Corporations with a tax ID can pay with a corporate check.

Deposits are due when booking online. Payment for a session is due in full at the completion, or end, of the scheduled session. A receipt can be emailed for tax filing purposes, expense reports, etc.
During booking you will be shown comprehensive details of what’s included per session as it differs from session to session. If something is not listed, it likely is not included.
Yes. Prints are additional. Rates for on-site printing services can be seen at the rates page, available from the main menu.

About a Session & Getting the Photos

When you book online, you will be shown what each session includes. You can go see these details by selecting a headshot category from the rates page. Generally, what is not included, or is extra, is: hair and makeup stylist, printing, wardrobes, expenses, and anything else not listed under the rates section.

After the session is complete, and usually within 1-3 business days, an online proof gallery will be provided via email to review the photos and select your retouches. Once you have made your selection(s) and submit it, light retouching will be done to those selection(s). Around another 1-3 business days after you have submitted them, you will be emailed a download link where all the photos can be downloaded. 

The retouched photos are provided in two formats: print-quality JPEG sized as an 8×10” and as web-optimized JPEG files (smaller files ideal for posting online, emailing, digital submissions, etc.). In addition to the retouched photos, you get the other photos without retouching as web-quality JPEG files sized around 2,000 pixels on the long edge. Sorry, the extra photos are not provided in print quality due to the massive file size and storage requirements.
There are some session options that include sourcing a hair and makeup artist. You pay them directly as they are partners, and not employees or under contract with the studio. Otherwise, no, hair and makeup is not included.
Session times can range from 30 minutes to around two hours, depending on the session you choose.
No. Sessions are by appointment only.
It is possible, depending on the day’s workload. Please inquire as early as possible. There is an additional fee for same-day service.
A look is generally an outfit change, change of accessories like a tie or glasses, or a change in hair style or makeup. It can also be a change in the background, location, or lighting.
Yes, for the photos you select, based on the session chosen and paid for. Retouching is done to noticeably enhance your appearance while preserving a natural look. There are some “experts” that claim retouching is bad. This is simply untrue. Some blemishes should be removed because they are naturally not always part of you – acne, a flyaway hair, some red eye, lint, etc.
There are well more than one hundred in-studio background combinations possible that vary in colors, gradients, spotlighting, brick and other textures, and more.
For most sessions, right on the street where the studio is located. For location sessions, like Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or Los Angeles, we will likely meet at a pre-agreed location. There are sessions where we can shoot almost anywhere in Los Angeles county. Please note property or other location permissions may be legally required.
Yes. There is a standard liability release for the studio and permission for photography. It can be done digitally from a computer or your phone – no need to print anything. You will receive a copy for your records. Please keep it as some printing shops require proof of a photographer’s permission to print photos for business use. It is required to do this form before your scheduled session starts. The digital form will be provided via text or email once you book.

Booking a Session

Sessions are usually booked online using the booking system, which can be accessed on each individual services page. There you can see rates, what’s included, and a schedule of available sessions. You can also call the studio – happy to book for you but it should be noted you will be asked to reveal the address for the credit card to be used as the processor requires it.
Yes, a deposit to hold a session time is required. That deposit is applied toward the total cost of the session. The balance is due at the end of the session. There is a cancellation policy to accept, of which you will get the chance to read before finishing your booking.
There is a cancellation and rescheduling policy to accept during your booking session. You will get an opportunity to review it before you pay and finalize your booking. You can reschedule a session, within the parameters of the policy, and a reschedule link is provided in your booking confirmation.
This varies depending on current demand and your needs to plan ahead and prepare. However, it is generally best to plan for at least two days prior to your desired date for a session. You can typically book up to 1-2 months in advance. Sessions are by appointment only.
Yes, but please inform the studio of such plans and anyone entering is accepting the studio liability release.

Before & During Your Session

The quick answer is, keep it simple – solid vibrant colors are best. If you book an unlimited looks session, bring plenty of options. For businesspersons, when wearing a tie or similar accessories, consider minimal patterns or colors that contrast well, but are not the same color as the suit coat. Generally, keep jewelry to a minimum. The main point is that you want your face to outshine what you are wearing so the focus stays on you and not what you are wearing. For modeling digitals, solid  colors are good as well as form-fitting clothes. Also, bring plenty of options.
If you are getting a haircut before, try to do it at least a few days prior so your hair has time to grow back a bit to your more natural look. Also, just in case you get a bad haircut, there is recovery time, or enough time to reschedule. Wearing makeup is okay – just do not go beyond what you would do on a typical important day. Get a good night’s sleep the night before so you look fresh all day the day of your headshots. Also, drink lots of water for a a few days ahead of your session, so your skin looks more naturally hydrated and clearer.

If you normally wear glasses – to meet clients, during your workday, for castings, etc. – it is recommended you wear your glasses. It is a good idea to look as close to how you would look on a typical day. However, sunglasses are almost never recommended. If you have anti-reflective glasses, those are usually more helpful to prevent glare from lighting.

It is usually best to keep jewelry to a minimum. But again, it is okay to wear some, usually the same amount of jewelry you would for a typical workday, client meeting, casting, etc. The more jewelry you wear, the more it takes away from the focus being on your face. So, keep that in mind.

In almost all cases a smile is preferred. Exceptions include actor theatrical headshots, some lifestyle shots, etc. How much to smile can depend on the profession or your personal comfort level. It is standard to look into the camera for headshots (not always for lifestyle shoots). Looking into the cameras is what helps create your image as confident, trustworthy, approachable, and so on.

About the Studio and Location

The studio is at 2266 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA, 91020 – it is part of the Glendale area. Hours are M-F, 10-6 and Saturday 10-12. For the most current details on locations and hours, please see the contact page on the website.
In addition to the main studio area, there is a restroom / changing room. There is a waiting area. There is a secondary studio area. There is also a hair and makeup room. Free Wi-Fi is available if needed. There are also free drinks: bottled or cooler spring water, coffee, or tea.

There are parking lots with 3 hours free parking just North and South of Honolulu Ave. It is then just a 2-4 minute walk to Honolulu Ave from either lot. Your confirmation email will have a photo of the parking details. There is also metered (coins only) parking on Honolulu Ave.

The studio has a comprehensive array of high-end commercial photography gear to do practically any type of photography or video. This includes multiple studio lights and lighting modifiers, many backgrounds, and much more. Camera gear includes full-frame sensor models and premium branded lenses. Studio lighting includes commercial-grade strobes for photography and continuous light setups for video.