Beverly Hills Headshot Photographer

NOTE: The studio has just one physical location in Montrose (Glendale) and these are just “service areas” where The Light Committee travels for mobile headshots.

Portrait Studio Nearby

There are many reasons to get new headshots or portraits and if you live or work in Beverly Hills, you will have plenty of options to choose from in nearby surrounding communities for actor headshots, or corporate headshots, or senior pictures, or for team headshots done at your office. The Light Committee is one highly rated studio, available to come to Beverly Hills for mobile headshots. If you come to the studio, you can enjoy very competitive prices, and you can see where it is located using the map below. But why do people need to update their headshots?

A professional headshot of an Asian woman in a suit for Psychology Today in studio near Pasadena
Get Great Studio or Natural Light Headshots
  • You’re getting into acting
  • You lost or gained noticeable weight
  • You significantly changed your hair
  • You’ve aged
  • You’ve changed professions

There are a lot of other reasons people get these shots made and The Light Committee has helped with practically every such matter. To this end, the studio primarily does them for:

  • Actors
  • Business
  • Modeling digitals
  • Lifestyle photo shoots

There are a lot of choices in the metro area for finding a photographer and one should definitely do their homework. Many people have come to The Light Committee after having been frustrated working with someone else and not getting the results they wanted.

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Beverly Hills, a Los Angeles west-side city.

Focus Areas

As a result, The Light Committee focuses on one-on-one photo shoots, either in a studio setting or outdoors with natural light. The headshot photographer services covered are many:

Commercial actor looks: these are the smiley, highly approachable headshots. A good and common way to describe them is as if you are trying to look like the happy girl next door or boy next door.

Theatrical actor looks: also known as dramatic looks, and not necessarily that this is for the stage. In a dramatic look, it can be anything from good guy detective to bad girl villain, for example.

Cinematic actor looks: While the other shots use light to help create the look, this type is all about the lighting, to give it movie vibes. It’s usually best paired with a theatrical-type of look from the actor.

Comedic actor looks: bright, cheery, and probably colorful, this is all about the comedian in an actor and big smiles are usually required.

Professional corporate headshots: or a business portrait. Usually it is even lighting on the face which can be the most flattering. While it is common to make this a studio shot against a simple gray or blue background, it can also depend on the profession. For example, a psychiatrist might prefer the warmer vibes of outdoor natural light in a nature-like setting.

Multi-light studio lighting and modifiers: this is important for a studio to have because the more lights they have – assuming they know how to use them – the more capabilities they have, especially with looks like actor theatrical or cinematic.

Natural light outdoors: having a highly picturesque street in front of a photo studio can be very helpful for people that want to use natural light in their shot.

Speaking of natural light, there are a few options in Beverly Hills one can consider for photo shoots.

Greystone Mansion

905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Beverly Gardens Park

9439 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Rodeo Drive Walk of Style

328 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210