Branding Photographer in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to establish a brand, either an entire business in Los Angeles or yourself as a brand, you’re going to need meaningful content. It starts with visual content because a picture is still worth a thousand words.

For a business, corporate photography is essential. It can include corporate headshots of key personal to photographs of key assets. Key assets can be anything like facilities, resources, and anything else clients turn to you for help with.

For personal branding – think attorney, doctor, psychologist, real estate agent, etc. – successful branding can literally make you a star. Think Dr. Phil, Gloria Alred, etc. Such people will certainly want to start with professional headshots but also with branded images like a business lifestyle photo shoot can produce.

Personal Branding Creates Opportunities

Using images to build a personal brand can create all kinds of new business opportunities. For example, if you are a real estate agent trying to establish your focus on selling larger than average homes, using images will be essential. It will not be enough to just write it down on a web page. Strong photographs of that real estate agent selling larger homes will be vital.

The same would be true of an attorney focused on personal injury or a psychologist focused on marriage counseling. Images that help shape the tone of your content toward your focus areas are important to directly and subconsciously influencing potential clients to do business with you.

Business Branding to Build Trust

Strong images can also be used to help build brand trust. There are almost countless ways to do so. A law firm that wants to stress they are larger than their competitors will want to showcase images of their offices. They might also want to have headshots on their website of all attorneys. You can imagine a law firm with photos of 25 offices across the US and hundreds of attorney headshots can easily reinforce the trust that might go with working with a large firm.

Branding to Establish Credibility

Images can also be used to establish credibility. A simple headshot with strong bios of the management team is one tried and true method for this. But images to build credibility can go beyond just headshots. A hospital can use images to showcase the higher end equipment they might have compared to competing hospitals. A mechanic can do the same for their shop, just a like a yoga studio could.

Branding Can Create an Authentic Profile

It’s common to see social media influencers use images for their online profiles but anyone in business wanting to build a personal brand should consider this too. The more your potential customers see images of you in action – doing what you do or showcasing what you create – the better. It helps you create an authentic profile that can increase business opportunities. You can consider a social media photographer for such scenarios.