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5 Benefits You Get When Choosing The Light Committee

– Exceptional Headshot Image Quality
– Impressively Affordable Headshots in LA
– Excellent Customer Service, See Reviews
– Easy Booking and Fast Turnaround Time
– Tailored Headshots for Your Desired Looks

Best Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles?

If you are shopping around for headshots, you want to work with the best photographer in Los Angeles you can find. Much of this depends on the capabilities of the photographer. First, there is what they are technically capable of doing and what they are limited by based on the equipment they have to use. This includes if they work in a commercial photography studio in addition to being able to work outdoors, with studio light and sunlight. But it is also about their capability to deliver good customer service. Before selecting The Light Committee, please shop around to confirm you are getting the best balance of exceptional image quality, great pricing, and excellent customer service. On this page, I trust you will confirm this.

Impressively Affordable Headshots Los Angeles

As of this writing, if you consider around the top dozen headshot photographers found on Google results in the LA area, the average low price is $245 and the average high price is $670. With The Light Committee, the current low price is $125, and the highest session price is $225. With the quality and great service you get, this is quite good.

But it’s also what you get, which is more on average than others. For example, the session for $125 is 30 minutes, you can get up to two looks and it can be in-studio, outdoors, or both. You also get to select one shot as a favorite for retouching, plus all the non-retouched shots are also provided. What’s even better is as you upgrade sessions, what you get gets even sweeter. It makes The Light Committee arguably the most affordable headshot photographer in Los Angeles.

90s glamour actress headshot in Los Angeles with Asia Holiday


Get great and affordable in-studio or natural light commercial, theatrical, or comedic headshots.

men studio headshots made near sherman oaks, ca


Achieve modern and affordable in-studio or natural light professional / corporate headshots.

modeling polaroids woman in los angeles


We'll create clear, crisp, and affordable digitals to submit to a variety of agencies.

ERAS medical residency headshot made in Los Angeles


Get headshots that conform to ERAS specification requirements.

young girl acting headshot in a studio near NoHo with a blue background


Realize child actor headshots with commercial or theatrical looks.

A fitness photo shoot of a young woman in workout clothes after a workout in Los Angeles


To create branding, social media content, for senior portraits, and more.

More 5-Star Google Reviews Than All Other LA Headshot Photographers

I take pride in the customer service I provide. I know how important it is for a small business owner to do so. It’s also just about being a good person. Good customer service is not just about what I do before, during, and after our session but also the overall experience you have. This includes that the studio is located in a nice area, with plenty of parking options. It means the studio itself will be a pleasant environment, and that during your session you will feel respected, welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated. This is a goal with EVERY client. It is why The Light Committee has more 5-star Google reviews than any other headshot photographer in Los Angeles County, amongst other awards. Check out reviews and awards.




Convenient Online Booking with a Fast Turnaround Time

With The Light Committee, you will not be chasing around a photographer to find out their rates and availability, waiting sometimes days to hear back. Some clients have told me some photographers never even responded. The Light Committee has convenient online booking. After you select the session you want from this website, the booking system will show you available times for you to book.

You’ll get email confirmations too. After your session, you’ll get a gallery with the photos same-day to next business day. After you select your retouch(es), you’ll get those in 1-2 business days. There is also an option to add same-day headshot service. If you’re really in a pinch and need headshots right away – it happens – give me a call and I’d be happy to see what I can do.

Call: 1-818-300-9434

Message: 1-818-300-9434

Email: [email protected]

Headshots Made to Order for the Looks You Want Captured

If you are shopping around for a photographer, pay attention to their example headshots. This can be their corporate headshots or their acting headshots. You might notice that they are looking the same. The people change, their outfits are different, maybe even the backgrounds change sometimes. But you might start to see that how their faces are lit is usually very much alike. Same for how the backgrounds are lit. This is not technically wrong but it is a sign the photographer is limited, either in technical ability or by the number of resources they have for photo sessions – not enough quality lights, backgrounds, studio space, and so on. If you like their look regardless, this is okay but then do you also like their prices for the limitations they have?

With The Light Committee, the looks you want to achieve will be more possible than with just about any other photographer. This is because the studio has hundreds of combinations for possible backdrops, not to mention the outdoors. There are enough lighting options to create the most complex of scenes, and much more. So, the chances are much better that the essence of the looks you want will be realized.

I’m Rafael, Your Headshot Photographer

So, who is this guy writing all this stuff on this page? I’m Rafael, your photographer. I won’t bore you with a bunch of background information about me here, like photography, work, and college experience, but you can read all about it on my “meet the photographer” page if you want. Here I’ll just say I’ve been at the art and science of photography since high school when I discovered it by accident. I just needed to fill an elective class and ended up finding my lifelong passion. I hope it shows in the images you see here. I was born in Washington, D.C., though I barely remember it because I’ve been an Angeleno since I was around five years old. I love this city and what it has to offer, even with all its flaws and imperfections. But anyway, enough about me. This is about you.

Experience The Photography Studio

The Light Committee photography studio is located in charming Montrose, and I’m bragging about it. Location, location, location – it truly is everything. Where is Montrose? It is part of Glendale, which is a city between Burbank and Pasadena. Glendale is known for the Glendale Galleria and Americana at Brand. If you’re still not sure, this is around 12 miles north of downtown LA. Part of why this is a good location is the street the studio is on, Honolulu Ave. It is picturesque and provides a lot of good options for natural light sessions.

Inside the studio there are plenty of resources to make your session a great experience with great results. First, the comfort and convenience of it. There is ample seating to get comfortable and bottled spring water to make yourself at home. If needed, free Wi-Fi is an option. There is a hair and makeup room and station, and an in-studio restroom / changing room. Leave the rest up to me in terms of prepping the studio to make magic happen.

The Light Committee
2266 Honolulu Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020

A Few Strong Testimonials

Getting the Ultimate Headshots in Los Angeles

In my humble opinion, what makes a really good headshot consists of four things, and what makes a spectacular headshot requires a fifth thing. For what makes a really good headshot, I’d like you to imagine if any one of these four things is missing, it drops you a letter grade. So, what are they?

First, in no order, is a commercial-grade camera and lens. The gear matters and a full-frame camera and premium lenses are paramount. Next is lighting. There is such a thing as a higher quality light when it comes to photography and the brands matter as much as with cameras and lenses. So does knowledge of how to work with sunlight. Next on the list is post-production because retouching can polish any image, even when the goal is keeping it as natural as possible like in a head shot. And of course, making the list is a capable photographer with the technical skill to work with a camera, lens, lighting, and post-production. If, say, a good camera and lens is missing, then the headshot drops from an A to a B, if two things are missing, a C, and so on.

So, what’s the fifth thing that makes a spectacular headshot? You! Bring you’re A game if you can. That means your best foot forward, from what you’ll wear to your attitude coming in. But, if you just need a really good headshot, that’s fine too. Leave it to me!

The Best Acting Headshots Los Angeles

Finding an acting headshot photographer in Los Angeles can be daunting. They all claim to deliver headshots that get you booked, and I’m sure they do just like The Light Committee does. So, you need to figure out what sets one apart from the rest? Are they recommended by agents? The Light Committee has been. Have actors used the headshots to successfully get an agent or an audition with major productions like Netflix? The Light Committee has helped with this too.

Here’s what sets The Light Committee apart: technical ability that gets you the specific looks you need. In particular, lighting you in a way that clearly helps establish it is a commercial headshot, a theatrical headshot, or a comedic headshot. But hey, I’ll also add that in addition to this and the impeccable quality you get, you’re also going to get jaw-dropping prices. That is jaw-dropping in a good way, like, “shut the front door, I can’t believe how affordable this is!” Ready to go? Select a session, find a time that works for you, and book it!

Professional Modern Corporate Headshots Los Angeles

If you need to get business headshots Los Angeles, The Light Committee is a great choice. I can help you get sophisticated modern professional headshots. If you need to meet a technical requirement that someone has for you – like a marketing manager might require – I can help with that too.

People of all professions come to The Light Committee: accountant, attorney, creative director, doctor, finance executive, psychologist, real estate agent, and much more. It can be to update the website, for LinkedIn or other online profiles, and so on. If you’re ready to go, check out example head shots, find a session you like, and book one now.

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Crisp and Clear Modeling Digitals in Los Angeles

Aspiring models will need digitals to submit to agencies so they can be considered for representation. Most of the time, the advice is to just use your smartphone. Find a basic white wall in a well-lit space and snap away. But be sure you get all the looks that most agencies want.

Increasingly, aspiring models are looking to work with a photographer to help. This makes sense because your goal anyway is to model and work with a photographer for pay with a brand. Also, you’re putting your best foot forward in the images you are submitting. A knowledgeable photographer can help you get modeling digitals that help get you agency representation. I’ve done it plenty of times. Check out how low-cost it is to work with me and all the details about what’s included. Then, if you’re ready to go, book a session.

Wonderful Child Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

I work with parents and their kids for acting headshots. So, if you are looking for youth headshots, you can rely on The Light Committee. Working with kids to get the best head shots can sometimes require patience and adaptability. I can help with both.

Check out the dedicated page about child acting headshots and if you’re ready to book a session, you can do so now. Simply select a time from the booking session and sign up.

Precise Medical Residency Headshots in Los Angeles

Students applying for medical residency are asked to provide a headshot that needs to meet specific requirements to submit via the ERAS system. The Light Committee has helped blooming doctors with this countless times.

You can review a dedicated web page about this. It has example ERAS medical residency headshots, details on system requirements, and more. When you’re ready, you can book a session right from the page.

The Light Committee provides the best headshots in the greater Los Angeles area that are truly affordable headshots, and this includes in: Alhambra, Arcadia, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Monrovia, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, West Hollywood.