The Best Headshots in Los Angeles

Headshots in Los Angeles

Incredible Rates from Just $100. With Superior Quality Results. Tailor-Made Looks. A Real Experienced Photographer and Genuinely Fun Studio Experience.

Some Great Reasons to Choose The Light Committee.

Great Rates

The studio offers amongst some of the best rates for professional headshots in a commercial studio setting in all of SoCal.

Don’t worry, this is without sacrificing high quality. Actually, quality is amongst the best you will find anywhere. See for yourself right here on this site.

You are encouraged to shop and compare.

Great Service

You will experience fast and courteous service in a safe and highly comfortable photography studio, not just because of the photographer you will work with but also because of the high-end studio and its location.

You will be In charming Montrose, in the Glendale area. It is conveniently located just around 12-15 miles North of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, central San Fernando Valley cities like Sherman Oaks, and central San Gabriel Valley cities like Pasadena.

“So, What Type of Headshots Can I Get?”

woman's actor headshot made in Los Angeles
female headshot in Los Angeles in natural light
child actor headshot done in a studio in Los Angeles

And Even More Great Reasons to Choose The Light Committee.

photo of a mirrorless camera and lens

An Experienced Photographer

You will work with a highly experienced photographer with a complete understanding of studio lighting, natural lighting, and the combining of both.

This is in addition to having full command of technical manual use of camera equipment and post-production applications.

There’s no settling for smartphone or AI-generated quality here, and at a reasonable cost too. You’ll have a truly great real photo shoot experience that directly impacts the quality of results.

Strong Photographer Reviews and Awards

Strong Reviews & Award-Winning

You are encouraged to do your homework as you search for the right photographer.

Read real reviews online about them. Be sure of what you are getting. Check out their studio and what it looks like.

With The Light Committee you will find great reviews and this stems from a combination of offering great rates, service, and quality, resulting in a greatly memorable experience.

Let’s Get Into Modeling Digitals & Lifestyle Photo Shoot Sessions.

A woman posing for modeling digitals in Santa Monica CA
Chef in a kitchen for a business lifestyle photo shoot
Senior portraits and graduation photo shoot in Los Angeles
Dating profile photo shoot in Los Angeles

More Information About the Studio.


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Interior view of The Light Committee studio in Los Angeles

Check out some photos of interior of the studio and the exterior as well. Give yourself an idea of where you will be for your session.

Rafael, Photographer at The Light Committee

Get a little background info about Rafael, your photographer and main point of contact for any questions you might have.

theatrical woman's acting headshot in Los Angeles

A Handful of Testimonials from the More Than 250 5-Star Reviews.

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Awarded From 2019-2023 – From Nearly 1,300 Photographers Considered
The Light Committee award for best portrait photographers in Glendale, CA by
Awarded From 2020-2023 – From More Than 70 Photographers Considered
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Since 2022

Are you looking to get a best headshots in Los Angeles? While perfection can be abstract, with the Light Committee you will be amongst as good as it gets. In other words, whether this is your first headshot experience or you have had many, you are in great hands.

The Light Committee is a commercial photography studio located in Montrose, CA. Montrose is a suburb of Glendale, CA, which is a city in the greater Los Angeles metro area. Montrose is probably some 20 minutes or less of  a drive, in no traffic, from most central LA locations. The studio address is 2266 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA, 91020.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Headshots Cost in Los Angeles
Headshots can range from around $50 to several hundreds of dollars or more. Much of this depends on what your needs are – how many looks and edits you want, for example. But it also depends on the photographer you choose and their capabilities. For example, do they have their own commercial studio or only do photo shoots outdoors?

How Do I Get the Best Headshots?
First, do your homework on the photographer. Check out their website and they should have plenty of example headshots on their website On their website, verify they have a studio and its location. Find out if they can work with studio lighting as well as natural light. Make sure of their rates too. If they don’t list them online, call or email to ask. Know what is included on their rates. Finally, validate their customer service by reading reviews online on websites like Google or Yelp.

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

The Light Committee studio has been recommended by agents and managers many times over. With more than 250 5-star reviews and counting, Rafael and the studio are reviewed and rated as amongst the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles. Countless actors that have had their headshots made with The Light Committee have gone on to successfully secure agent representation and castings with major studios and brands for commercials. More details about this can be found on the actor headshots page, linked below.

Working with Rafael, the photographer, the studio offers select sessions to cover multiple looks so actors can get a full portfolio of commercial, theatrical, or comedic looks. Sessions can be in-studio, outdoors in natural light, or both. For Actor headshot in Los Angeles session options include hair and makeup styling in-studio, and video productions such as slate videos. Light retouching is included for sessions. Do not just settle for any actor headshot photographer that happens to be near you. See rates now.

The studio offers actors a full range of look options to capture. This include commercial actor looks, theatrical actor looks (AKA dramatic actor looks), comedic looks, and more. Actors will not be pinned to just 1-2 light setup options that might be the case with other photographers. The headshots made for actors by The Light Committee are well proven to help deliver results. The studio also does headshots for kids.

In the end, you will have useful agency submission photos from headshots that pop.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

Many business professions are regulars at the studio for corporate headshots in Los Angeles, like for real estate agent headshots. Others include accountants, attorneys, finance executives, doctors, psychologists, technology executives, and more. Creatives include authors, dancers, directors, and musicians. There is a quick one-look session for those just looking to find a photographer that specializes in LinkedIn profile pictures. This same session is ideal for ERAS headshots for medical residency applicants. Sessions are also offered with optional hair and makeup styling, and with video options to get across your unique selling proposition or other marketing and branding video.

Corporate photography services for businesses are varied. They include in-studio or outdoors headshots in addition to mobile headshot services so the studio comes to you to photograph the entire team within a day. Corporate photography also includes lifestyle sessions for various marketing uses. As with other sessions, there can also be options to add hair and makeup styling done in the studio before your session.

Modeling Digitals Los Angeles

Modeling Digitals in Los Angeles

Most models opt to do their own modeling digitals in Los Angeles  with their phone or have a friend do it with their camera. Some models opt to work with a professional photographer, understanding the photos will stand apart as they look to submit to model agencies for representation. The digitals can also then be used for pursuing freelance work.

In addition, the studio provides general model portfolio shoots where a model can get extra photos to expand her or his portfolio or to use for social media feeds instead of inferior phone-quality photos.

Business Lifestyle Photo Shoots | Senior Portraits | Grad Photo Shoots | Dating Profile Photo Shoots | & More

Lifestyle Photo Shoots in Los Angeles

Lifestyle photos are those that showcase you in action at your job or for other marketing uses. It could be a chef slicing food in their kitchen, a real estate agent in front of a just-sold home, a financial advisor working behind their computer, and so on. The images help customers visualize how you will work for them, adding an extra layer of imagery to set yourself apart even more. Lifestyle photo shoots are also used for more personal scenarios. To this end, these shoots include social media profile photoshoots, a headshot for dating profiles like Bumble or Tinder, graduation photos or senior portraits, and of course environmental business photo shoots.

There are plenty of options to choose from including sessions in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and more. You might just be coming to the studio from close, like Studio City, but people have come from as far as Montana, even London once.

A woman in a lifestyle photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles at sunset

Video Shoots in LA

Actors can get slate videos done and videos doing other quick readings and performances. Business professionals can get brief videos to use in their marketing to talk about their services and more. Video services are currently in-studio only. Professional-grade mics are used for premium audio and full-frame 4K mirrorless cameras for premium video quality. Video productions get basic post processing to crisp up the audio and for coloring of the video.

Great Headshots Don't Have to Cost a Ton of Money

Can I Get Affordable Headshots?

Of course you do not want cheap headshots but you also do not want to spend $1,000. You can see rates that are highly competitive on this website and save money compared to most professional photographers with a studio. To this end, the The Light Committee services include: the best acting headshots, corporate headshots or professional business headshots, corporate photography or a corporate portrait, and other high end photography.

About Los Angeles Locations for Photography

The Los Angeles area is world-famous, primarily for Hollywood movie pop-culture influence on the rest of the world but also for its music scene. It is arguably a city like no other. People flock to it for these reasons, and for the weather that so many people like.

Nearly 20 million people live in the greater metro area, made up of many demographics. As of the 2010 census, this includes a population that is approximately 55 percent White (39.0 percent White Non-Hispanic), around 12 percent Asian, seven percent African American, and 20 percent from other races. Of this, around 45 percent of the population were Hispanic of any race, primarily of Mexican origin.

This diverse mix of culture is often what Angelenos say is its best strength. It certainly comes out in many of the dining options that exist around the LA area. While this is all subjective, checking it out for yourself will certainly not disappoint. For example, one thing travelling many travelling Angelenos will argue is that no one does burgers or Chinese food like the Los Angeles area.

Then there are iconic places that anyone coming to Southern California must try. The city can easily lay claim to inventing the French Dip sandwich, which is worth trying at Philippe’s. Then there is the Mediterranean food, the Thai food, and much more. LA is also very close to many organic and other farms that provide produce to most of the country.

These elements help contribute to make LA a city filled with outsiders that come here for its unrivaled creative talent. So, getting good photography in this city should not be a difficult task. However, it does require a bit of homework to make sure you find a talented photographer that is also affordable. With a bit of effort, like finding great things to do or eat in LA, getting great head shots in SoCal can be a great experience.

Locations Within the County
Here are bit more insights on some locations within Los Angeles, starting with North Hollywood. This area, also known just as NoHo is in the San Fernando Valley, just North of the 101 freeway and West of the 170 freeway. It is known for its theatres and Arts District. It also has one of few Metro subway stations found throughout the area.

Burbank is also a very well-known place, billing itself as the media capital of the world. Not many can argue given the many major studios there, like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and more. Burbank also happens to be just East of North Hollywood. The city is also home to one of few airports in the county. This city also has a rich history in the aviation industry.

Pasadena is yet another famous city, primarily because of the Rose Bowl, the annual college football games there, and because of the Tournament of Roses Parade. It is also home to Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is very nearby. Pasadena has the 210 freeway running through out.

Hollywood is world-famous as the name is commonly used to refer to the film industry and rightly so as many studios were founded in the city. It is also known for its famous sidewalks, the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Other famous or well-known cities in the county include Santa Monica, known for its pier. There is also Beverly Hills, known for its wealth-oriented lifestyle and where many people believe famous actors live. There is also Malibu, the popular and expensive beach community. These cities make the area a very popular tourist destination. They also call to residents of other places seeking promises of greater wealth to just greater weather. Collectively, they make the region highly unique. One can move through any of these locations and have very different experiences, creating many micro-cultures within one of the world’s largest melting pots that is Los Angeles.

The Light Committee is in Montrose, one of many charming locations in the city of Angels.

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