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All Natural Light Acting or Business Session
Up to 2 Looks, If Possible Outdoors
4 Retouches Included


We’ll meet up in downtown Glendale and you can opt for 30 minutes of cityscape backdrop, and then 30 minutes in a park setting, or the full 60 minutes in one scenery, cityscape or park/nature. See more details about this session in the respective acting or business headshot page that you can access from below.

Corporate Professional Headshots & Acting Headshots in Los Angeles of a Woman and a Man

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Realize the Best Headshots in Los Angeles

You can see plenty of example professional headshots on this website to validate that you will be getting image quality that rivals any other in Los Angeles and beyond. Great image quality stems from the use of really good camera and lens choices and the proper use of great lighting. Not all lighting is equal. Good post-production adds the polish to get amongst the best headshot quality in the city. But these tools also have to be in the hands of a capable headshot photographer in Los Angeles, to bring it all together. It is estimated by Expertise.com that there are nearly 1,300 service providers offering headshots / portraits in the greater area. So, you have plenty of options. Go ahead and see for yourself on this site why Los Angeles headshot photographer The Light Committee is your best choice.

Get Amongst the Most Affordable Headshots in Los Angeles

As of this writing, if you consider around the top dozen headshot photographers found on Google results in the LA area, the average low price is $245 and the average high price is $670. With The Light Committee, the current low price is $125, and the highest headshot photography session price is $225. With the quality and great service you get, this is quite good.

You are not getting cheap headshots here. You are getting the best affordable headshots in Los Angeles. There is a difference between these two – cheap or affordable. Don’t settle for cheap as you’ll just be frustrated by the process. As mentioned, there are plenty of choices, which means you can find a good photographer to work with in the city. Most of the ones you’ll find listed high in search results cost a lot more than The Light Committee. Check out their work and compare it to verify what you get with The Light Committee is unrivaled value, particularly when quality is important.


Commercial Acting Headshots Los Angeles for Men and Women

Highest Rated Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles Metro on Google

Good customer service is about the overall experience you have, end to end. This includes making booking easy, and that the studio is located in a nice area with plenty of parking options. It means the studio itself will be a pleasant environment, and that during your session you will feel respected, welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated by me, Rafael the photographer. It also means delivery of finished images is seamless. This is a goal I have with EVERY client. It is why The Light Committee has more real, genuine 5-star Google reviews than any other headshot photographer in greater Los Angeles.

Check out the reviews on Google and Yelp.

Easy Online Booking & a Fast Turnaround with The Light Committee

What to Expect

You will not be chasing around a photographer to find out their rates and availability. The Light Committee has convenient online booking with full details on what’s included.

You’ll get email confirmations. After your session, you’ll get a gallery with the photos same-day to next business day. After you select your retouch(es), you’ll get those in 1-2 business days. There is also an option to add same-day headshot service. Have questions? Get in touch with me, Rafael, the headshot photographer.

Call or Message: 1-818-300-9434

Email: [email protected]

Los Angeles headshot photographer Rafael

Professional Headshots Los Angeles Natural Light

Tailored Headshots for the Looks You Want

If you are shopping around for a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles, pay attention to their example headshots. This can be their corporate headshots or their acting headshots. You might notice that they look similar to each other. The people change, their outfits are different, maybe even the backgrounds change sometimes. But you might start to see that how their faces are lit is usually very much alike. Same for how the backgrounds are lit.

This is not technically wrong but it is a sign the photographer is limited, either in technical ability or by the number of equipment resources they have for headshot photography sessions – not enough quality lights, backgrounds, studio space, and so on. If you like their look regardless, this is okay but then do you also like their prices for the limitations they have?

With The Light Committee, the looks you want to achieve will be more possible than with just about any other photographer. The studio has hundreds of combinations for possible backdrops. Then there is the outdoors right in front of the studio, which has countless background options. There are enough lighting options in the studio to create the most complex of scenes for actors, to meet specifications such as for medical residency headshots, and much more. So, the chances are much better that the essence of the looks you want will be realized with The Light Committee.

Headshots Los Angeles examples of a woman in an actor headshot theatrical look, commercial look, and a headshot for business.

Achieve the Best Acting Headshots in Los Angeles

Whether you are just getting started as an actor or already have good experience, proper headshots are essential to keep moving forward. It is arguable that as an actor more than any other profession, you need to work with the best acting headshot photographer you can find.

If you’re just starting out, headshots are one tool you will need to get agent representation and for them to help you secure opportunities with casting directors. The Light Committee has helped with this countless times. Actors that have come through the studio have gone on to secure agent representation, roles with studios like Netflix, and much more. The Light Committee is also often recommended by industry agents.

While we all know the headshot is just part of the equation for you to succeed, it is an important one. With The Light Committee, you can achieve commercial acting headshots and theatrical acting headshots with some of the most affordable prices while also getting quality that rivals any other results in LA or beyond.


The Best Commercial & Theatrical Acting Headshots in Los Angeles of a Woman and a Man

Solid Corporate Headshot Photography Results for Your LA Business

Whether you’re just starting a new job or looking for a new one, or you’re an entrepreneur or project manager needing to get professional headshots for the team, at the end of the day you want good value from a headshot to use. This is typically about getting a good price and a good quality image. With The Light Committee, you get this as well as excellent customer service. You can book sessions that include some to many outfit changes and we can also do studio headshots or headshots outdoors in natural light. You can do both too, so you have plenty of options to change out headshots in the future as you use them.

When it comes to headshot photography in Los Angeles, you have options and if you don’t do your homework, you can end up overpaying or underpaying for terrible results. Luckily, you’ve found The Light Committee to avoid these pitfalls.


Professional Headshots Los Angeles in Studio

Professionally-Made Modeling Digitals in Los Angeles to Improve Your Possibilities

If you’re an aspiring model in Los Angeles, you are likely going to want to get modeling agency representation. To do this most of them require submitting modeling digitals. Generally, these shots include a headshot, full body shot, some profile shots, and other half or full body shots. What one agency wants is not always the same as all others. Most of them also want these shots against as basic a background as possible, like a white wall and with even lighting. As a result of these complications, you might want to work with a professional photographer. But they can be expensive. Not necessarily with The Light Committee. Modeling digitals pricing starts at $125.

Now, modeling headshots in Los Angeles are not always expensive, because of The Light Committee. With this package, you’ll get straight on close-ups to full body shots that include profile shots and more to cover as many bases as possible so you can submit to as many agencies as possible.


Affordable Modeling Digitals in Los Angeles

Well Equipped Los Angeles Headshot Studio for Limitless Possibilities

The studio is well-equipped with industry-leading equipment, from many studio lights that include strobes and continuous light options, to the commercial-grade camera and premium lenses. But that is for me to manage. For you, there are a lot of amenities so you will immediately feel comfortable. When you arrive there is a clothes rack to hang your clothes and a tabletop for any other items you have. There is a dedicated hair and makeup room with a vanity mirror and a full body mirror too. In addition, there is an in-studio restroom.

You can also enjoy the natural spring individually-bottled water provided for you. And there are plenty of places to sit and get comfortable. When we begin the session, you will have every opportunity to review as we go in real-time on a large 4K-quality monitor. This way, you can see the high quality as we go and you can also request adjustments if you’d like.

Speaking of adjustments, the capabilities offered by the well-equipped studio are practically limitless. In this way, we can create captivating shots that could be a flattering beauty look to the most cinematic looks you can conjure.

The Light Committee Inside the Studio Interior

Frequently Asked Questions

As of this writing in LA, the average low price is $245 and the average high price is $670. With The Light Committee, the current low price is $125, and the highest session price is $225.

The quick answer is about what to avoid. Avoid busy patterns or intricate materials that my create “digital noise” – like details weaves, sheens, etc. Avoid busy / large logos or jewelry that can steal the focus being on your face. Keep to solid colors as much as possible. While black, white, and gray are common and safe, don’t be afraid to try a pop of color. Actors should bring layers – like a jacket over a top – to build up character type looks.

Yes. But it depends on finding the right photographer. Many people search and search and ultimately get frustrated at finding photographers that cost too much or that are not producing desired results. As a result, you might be tempted to settle for a selfie or worse, an AI headshot. Don’t. You’re on the right website to get great headshots at a great price.

Briefly, a good headshot has four elements and a great headshot has five. So, to get an A grade for a headshot you need a capable photographer, a photographer that has a commercial grade camera and lens, commercial grade lighting or understanding of using natural light, and great post-productions capabilities. The thing that propels a good headshot to being a great headshot is you, So, bring your A-game to get an A+ headshot!

I can’t count the number of times someone booked a session after trying DIY. Can you take a headshot yourself? Like most things, sure, if you know what you’re doing? Can you build your own house? Yes, if you have studied construction and have a general contractor license? Can you do your own annual physical exam? Yes, if you’ve gone to medical school and become a doctor. So, can you take your own professional headshot? Sure, if you understand all camera settings, lens choices, studio and natural lighting technicalities, and post-production processing. Otherwise, just work with a professional photographer.

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