Best Headshots in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to get the best headshots in Los Angeles, you can rely on The Light Committee. Below are several reasons why. But if you have your reasons for preferring another headshot photographer, the information might still be helpful to you in ensuring you find a good photographer.

Here are reasons to choose The Light Committee:

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Getting the Best Headshots in Los Angeles has researched more than 1,200 portrait photographers in Los Angeles, of which headshot photographers classify under. That’s a lot. And there are plenty of others that don’t have a studio or similar location. You can easily get lost trying to find a photographer to do your headshots, whether you’re looking for one via Google, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

So, first be sure you are only looking at photographers that have real reviews online from the largest platforms for finding professional services. This is typically Google or Yelp. Furthermore, you live in the Los Angeles area. This is a large / vast city. We routinely travel it to get the best experiences. If you’re in the Valley and want a cool breeze, some might settle for a fan but many will venture out to the ocean. That requires travel for that good experience. The same is true for dining, shopping, etc. The point is, expand your horizons when trying to find a headshot photographer and don’t just settle for one because they are within 3-5 miles from you.

The Best Headshots in Los Angeles
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Finding the Best Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles

So, what else can you do to ensure you are working with a good headshot photographer? As mentioned, read reviews. When on Google, don’t just look for the “headshot photographer near me.” Proximity has nothing to do with finding the best headshot photographer in greater Los Angeles.

If you’re looking on Google or Yelp be sure to go beyond the first 10 results Google tries to stiff you with. At least look at the top 25 results that show up. If you’re on Google Maps, it will definitely try to restrict your location. So, be sure to expand your search. Widen the map area to as far as you’re willing to go. If you live in West Hollywood and working with the best means you’re willing to go to Azusa, make sure the map results show this.

Researching Photographer Reviews

The one thing you’re going to want to do is check out reviews, at least on Google and Yelp. See how many reviews they have and how high the ratings are. Do they have a lot of 5-star reviews? Remember again that when you’re looking at these reviews, you might be on Google Maps and because of your location they might be showing you 3-4 photographers that have 30-50 five-star reviews. You might think to yourself, “wow, that’s a lot of good reviews.” However, if you expand the map size you’re likely to find out there are many photographers out there that have more than a hundred to hundreds of five-star reviews.

Vetting a Headshot Photographer’s Work & Studio

Once you have a list of your top five or 10 headshot photographers in the Los Angeles area, it’s time to do some more homework. This is worthwhile doing because remember that your headshot is important. It is not a portrait. A portrait is used for personal reasons, like giving it to your mom. Your headshot directly or indirectly creates business opportunities. People literally judge you by it. If you’re an actor looking for the best acting headshot photographer, you know this. It’s not as straightforward for a real estate agent, psychologist, doctor, lawyer, etc. However, people are judging you by the headshot they see – or lack of one – as a measure of whether to trust you with their needs. So, here’s a quick summary of what else you should verify:

  • Do they make it easy or difficult to see their rates and what’s included?
  • Do they have a real commercial studio, a home studio, no studio?
  • How easy is it to book a session with them – how many hoops do they have to jump through?
  • Do they have a website, and does it showcase plenty of their headshot work?
  • Ask them a question via phone, text, or email to see how responsive they are.
  • Consider a quick chat by phone to see how approachable they are.
  • Does their website also show photos of their studio, the photographer and their background?