Commercial Photo-Video Process

Common Steps for Working Together on Commercial Photography / Videography

The following information is provided for your convenience to provide some understanding of how we’ll work together, requirements, and to answer any general questions you might have.

  • To provide a quote, details are needed about the photos or video. They include: PHOTOS – what is the product and how many are there, how many photos are needed per product, what is the preferred background or setting, what is the intended use for the photos (for example, to list a product on Amazon.com or to do advertising, etc.), do you want a model(s) for the photo shoot, do you require props and if so what props, do you want the shoot at a specific location and which location? VIDEO: how long is the video, do you have a ready script, do you need actors, do you need a location, what is the intent of the video, do you need or want stock footage, etc?
  • Once we’re set to move forward, for photography we can create a mood board to ensure we are on the same page about what your desired finished photos shall be. For video, we will use a script / storyboard
  • For photos, upon finishing the shoot, you will be provided a link to review thumbnail versions of the photos taken (low-resolution watermarked images)
    • Depending on the scope of work, there might be dozens to hundreds of photos to select from
  • You will select a predetermined number of photos to have finished in high resolution (touch ups included for a certain number of photos)
    • Other photos taken during the shoot might also be provided as JPEG files*
  • I will do touch-ups on each selected photo (one round of basic editing is included) to provide as finished files
    • Touch-ups may include toning skin, removing blemishes on a product or person, color correction, etc.
    • Touched-up photos are provided as high-resolution PNG files that are print-quality and also as web-ready JPEG files (smaller file size for optimal fast downloading on websites)
    • TIFF files can be provided upon request if you prefer to do your own additional editing
    • RAW (original source files) files are not provided unless a per-image copyright buyout is accomplished as a separate and additional agreement
  • For video, post-production will be done to finish the video per the storyboard
  • Finished files are then provided to you via a link where you may download them

*For all other photos from a photo shoot not selected to be touched-up, you may get a web-quality JPEG file version of most of them (up to the first 200 photos). This is except for product photos or any other photos against a solid white background. Photos to be determined by the photographer as non-usable, may not be included (for example, if a photo was blurry, if the subject is not in an ideal position or with a good luck [closed eyes, etc.], test photos such as those to determine composition, etc.). The photographer reserves all rights to exclude any photo determined not to meet photographer’s quality standards. These extra files are generally provided only as PNG files of approximately 1,920 ppi size (long edge). Some basic post-production corrections may also be applied to these photos, such as exposure corrections, cropping, color correction, etc.

Other Requirements

  • The use of models or anyone’s likeness requires a signed permission for photography and video.
  • Licensing for use of photos and videos is governed by a work agreement and defined on invoices.
  • Other permits or permissions may be required for location shoots, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide custom rates or just standard rates?
Custom rates are almost always required for commercial photography shoots as it’s rare that two shoots are identical in their scope of work. However, there are some common rates that are somewhat standardized and those can be shared if you inquire.

Does your studio offer parking and Wi-Fi?
Yes. There is free parking on the studio lot. There is also abundant free street parking. Wi-Fi details are in the studio for access during your visit.

Can I bring my own props?
Props are okay to bring but, please clear them with the photographer before bringing them to ensure they are allowed on the premises.

Can I bring a friend or co-worker with me to the shoot?
Yes. But, again please clear it with the photographer ahead of time

Do you travel to locations for photo and video shoots?
Yes, though travel time does count toward a photo shoot’s session time and invoicing will reflect this.

Do we need permissions to do photography and video, and who owns the photos or video?
Yes. It’s important to understand that by U.S. copyright law photographers / videographers own the copyright to any photo or video created, even with your likeness or property in them. But, photographers /videographers cannot sell or use your likeness in the photos or videos without your permission. So, a permission for photography and their use is needed. We do this paperwork at the beginning of a shoot. Then there are permits required for shooting at certain locations. The LA area is difficult when it comes to doing photography in public places – generally permits are required and they can cost hundreds of dollars. I have permits in place to use select LA county parks and beaches for photo shoots, saving you this cost. Also, a signed liability release is also required.

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