The Light Committee Photography Studio Moves to Downtown Los Angeles

Located in the Arts District, New Studio Nearly Doubles in Size and is More Central to the Metro Los Angeles Area

The Light Committee, a Los Angeles area commercial photography studio offering headshots, lifestyle photography, product photography and other related photography services, has moved to the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. The location places The Light Committee in a more central Los Angeles area and nearly doubles the previous studio size.

The larger studio size will enable greater creative options for conducting various photography services. This includes an ability to provide more lifestyle headshot session options within the studio. It also will allow better flexibility to accommodate more options in product photography. Now, with abundant city locations to use as backdrops within walking distance, a more affordable lifestyle headshots option is also being planned.

The new studio location is at 1340 E. 6th Street, Suite 316, Los Angeles, California, 90021. Phone and text message contact information remains the same. For headshots that include actor headshots, executive headshots, model headshots (modeling headshots), and musician headshots, the contact information can be seen here. And, for commercial photography involving advertising photography, fashion photography, lifestyle photography, or product photography, it can be seen here.

Work with customers remains by appointment only. Rates for headshots are typically listed at the appropriate website. It lists a variety of affordable sessions and enhanced sessions. Headshot sessions can range from a single retouched photo to 6-8 retouched photos. For example, a single photo might be for a new executive hire to post on a company website or LinkedIn™. Or, sessions can be enhanced for multiple retouched photos needed by actors, models or musicians for various looks to have in their portfolios. Currently, the most popular headshot session is for two retouched photos for $150.

Retouched photos are provided as two file types. One is a print-quality file and the other is a web-ready file so customers can easily and more quickly post to online profiles. Other usable photos from a session are also provided to customers without retouches and as web-quality files only. Full details are on the website. Pricing and services described here are subject to change without notice.

The previous studio location was in La Crescenta, a suburban area approximately 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The move to the new studio began approximately March 8 and is expected to be completed by March 31, 2019. The new studio is not available for rent or use by third parties.

About The Light Committee

The Light Committee is a commercial photography studio located in downtown Los Angeles. It provides various commercial photography services. This includes actor headshots, executive headshots, model headshots (modeling headshots), musician headshots, and mobile headshots at a customer’s location. Information about headshot services is available at https://headshots.thelightcommittee.com/. For advertising photographer, fashion photographer, lifestyle photographer, or product photographer services information, visit https://thelightcommittee.com/. And, for portrait services, visit https://portrait.thelightcommittee.com/. Businesses that have used The Light Committee’s photography/services include Getty Images®, NBCUniversal®, Walmart®, and many small businesses and startup brands. In addition to working with local people and businesses, the studio also regularly works with brands worldwide. The Light Committee’s goal is to provide premium photography services at not-so-premium prices. Note: The Light Committee is a service mark of a California S Corporation. Whether noted or not, references to other certain words or names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All images produced are protected by U.S. Copyright Law.

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