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Modeling Digitals Los Angeles

Rates & Booking


  • 100-150 photos created, estimated
  • Gallery emailed in 1-2 business days
  • Download all usable session photos
  • Photos size around 2,500 DPI (long edge)
  • Select a set number for retouching
  • Retouching, 1-2 business days after selects
  • Very Light Retouching for Digitals

Scroll down, select BOOK NOW, to schedule your session. Deposit required.

Up to 2 Looks, (1 Outfit Change)
Get 2 Headshots, 1 Half Body, 1 Full Body
1 Hour Session
4 Very Light Retouched Photos

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What to Expect in a Typical Modeling Digitals Session

The Light Committee understands finding the best modeling digitals in Los Angeles can be tough. So, hopefully, this helps make it simpler.

First, you need to book a session, which can be done from this page. There are BOOK NOW button at the top and above this section of the page. On the booking page you are given full details on what is included in a session and the rate. Note a deposit is required to hold your spot. It is applied toward the total balance due and is refundable if you meet the cancellation policy guidelines, of which you will be given a chance to review during booking.

After you complete your booking, you will receive confirmations by email and/or text. There are also details like the address, parking instructions, etc.

Arriving for Your Model Photo Shoot Session

Once you arrive at your session, we will go over any specific shots you are after that might be beyond your typical modeling digitals. This is to make sure you are not after a specific requirement of a particular agency, for example.

During this consultation period, we can go over the outfits you have planned to use, limited to two, so we can plan for appropriate background changes, if needed.

The studio has accommodations like a place to hang your clothes, restrooms to change in, some beverages for you to enjoy, and so on.

The Model Headshot

You need good modeling headshots in Los Angeles, and this is probably the primary shot we will collaborate on. This shot is typically close up. Imagine if you were wearing a button up shirt, the shot would from right around your first or second button and cropped tight at the top of your head, meaning little space above.

It is most common for this shot to be against an all-white background, though not necessarily a requirement because not all agencies have the same requirements. It is best for you to check with any specific agencies you plan to submit to if you need to meet any specific requirements they have. Some will list these details right on their website.

We will create several headshots for you, so you have plenty of options to select from in order to do retouching – more on suggested retouching limitations later. Be sure to wear a simple top and color like black or gray. Avoid a white top or pants simply because it is best that the background also be bright. Simple also means avoiding logos, busy patterns, and so on.

The Modeling Full Body Shot

Another important shot to create is the modeling full body shot. This is typically as it sounds, a shot of your entire body. The point is so agents you are submitting to can have a sense of your physique. So, form-fitting clothing is ideal. But here too it is best to avoid busy logos and patterns and instead keep things simple. Solid colors are best. It is common to use black or gray but other solid colors are okay. Avoid white or other very bright colors as it is usually best to do your full body shot against a bright white background.

For this shot too, we will create many as you pose various ways so you can ultimately have plenty of options to choose from.

Other Modeling Portfolio Shots

Once you have the two important shots of the headshot and full body shot, these meet most agency requirements. However, many agencies may also ask for even more shots. So, it is good to have a couple of extra shots, like half body or three-quarters body shot.

A half-body modeling shot is typically from around the waist up and a three-quarters modeling shot can be from mid-thigh to mid-shin. Again, simple form-fitting clothes are typically best. But you might also use at least one of these shots as an example of the work you are after.

For example, one popular casting is for swimsuits and so having a full-body or three-quarters body shot in a swimsuit might be a good idea. Or if you are going for fitness, then a shot in a fitness outfit, and so on. You might even consider an outdoors lifestyle type of photo shot for other fashion ecommerce or editorial style photos to have in your portfolio.

A Note on Retouching

When retouching modeling polaroids, The Light Committee recommends very minimal and nothing that alters your true look. So, what does this mean? A no-no would be to remove a scar, mole, all routine acne, or any other such natural characteristic that is your essence. But okay would be obnoxious fly-away hair, minor acne, red eye, or some lint on your shirt. Basically, if that thing might not be there tomorrow or next week, it is likely safe to retouch away. Retouching is not included in the session because some people want no retouching while others end up wanting extra retouches. In most cases, retouching a full body shot focuses more on any annoying background elements, like blending floor and wall for a seamless look or removing studio equipment in the shot, necessary to create it but not for the finished photo.

For the full body shot or three quarter body shot, fixing any background disruptions is included.

Getting Your Modeling Digitals

After the session is done, you will receive an online proof gallery, typically within a couple of business days. Here you can download all the photos and if you do not want retouching, you are all set. Most people want some retouching. So, you can opt for it here by paying for them. After you submit your selections for retouching, the gallery will be updated again with the retouched photos. This is typically another two business days after your selections are submitted.

Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized at around 2,000 DPI, long edge. The retouched photos are print-quality JPEG files sized at around 3,000 DPI, long edge, assuming an 8×10″ crop.

If you have any questions prior to booking a session, contact Rafael at The Light Committee any time. It is obvious there are a lot of photographers in Los Angeles and The Light Committee is grateful to everyone that selects this studio.

Modeling Digitals | Modeling Polaroids Los Angeles
Modeling Digitals Los Angeles


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