Mobile Headshot Services in Los Angeles

If you have a large team, or even just a small team but are pressed for time, it is sometimes ideal to have a mobile photographer come to your Los Angeles area office. Getting headshots done at a studio can cut down on the cost but it takes much more of a person’s time. It can be a couple of hours to a half day or more to visit a studio, per person. But if a mobile photographer comes to your team, each person can pop in for their session for just 5-10 minutes and go back to their normal day at the office.

DSLR Nikon and Mirrorless Canon cameras side by side

Overall Process for a Mobile Photographer

You likely have an idea as to how many people you will need headshots for. Pricing for teams up to 20 is listed on the main page for business headshots – just jump down to the “mobile” section. Next, you’ll want to verify schedules with everyone and that includes with The Light Committee.

Once pricing and a date and time are verified, it is ideal to create a schedule for the day. This way, each person has a dedicated slot they can plan for – say, Jennifer at 10 to 10:10 AM, Jim at 10:10 to 10:20 AM, and so on. Providing an end-time makes people aware they are only needed for a few minutes.

What to Expect from the Mobile Photographer

There is no standard for how photographers conduct mobile sessions. So, the following is applicable only to The Light Committee.

If sessions are to start at, say 10 AM, The Light Committee will likely arrive around 9 AM. This allows time to scout the location and make sure it is ideal and allows time to setup all the gear too. An ideal spot to conduct sessions will consist of the following, though sessions can be accommodated without meeting all these requirements:

  • A room or space of at least 12 ft. b 12 ft. and 10 ft. ceilings or more
  • Minimal windows and glass, and other large objects like conference tables
  • Good air conditioning so people are not sweating after rushing to their session
  • Dedicated room for privacy of individuals for their sessions


For Los Angeles-area businesses, The Light Committee brings a studio light setup to mimic what an in-studio session would be like. A gray background is common to use, which can be made lighter or darker. Other backgrounds are possible, and requests can be made for such. The farther the travel request, the less that can be packed, and so light setups may become minimal, particularly if a flight via an airport is required.

Once all the gear is setup and sessions begin, in most cases each person will have the opportunity to review the photos as we go, to ensure there are some looks that they like. Sessions are designed for one look and around a dozen shots per person to minimize a person’s required time while ensuring enough shots to find one photo that is likeable. But custom sessions are possible, such as to accommodate more looks (outfit changes), to have hair and makeup styling in place, etc.

headshot of a woman in a suit

Getting the Mobile Headshot Services Completed

After the sessions are completed, The Light Committee will pack up and will attempt to restore the room to how it was found, as much as possible. Communication with the company’s project manager will then continue by phone or email as to getting the online proof galleries sent out and completing the delivery of photos.

Proof galleries can take a few days to around a week to setup, depending on the size of your team. They can be created per person – if it is preferred each person selects one – or a single gallery for all people – if it is preferred one person is selecting for everyone. Typically, retouched photos are then delivered approximately 2-3 business days after an individual’s selection is made. If a group gallery is submitted all at once for many people, it will take longer. It can take 7-14 days for teams of 20, for example.

Photos are sized at the most common headshot crop, a 4:5 ratio which translates to 8×10”. The Light Committee provides a print-quality version and web-optimized version of each retouch. The extra photos not selected for retouching are commonly also provided in smaller resolution, typically around 2,000 DPI long edge (uncropped).

What to Wear for Headshots

The Light Committee provides an FAQ page for full details. Generally, less is more. Simple solid colors are ideal. Consider wearing what you might wear to meet an important client / customer. What is also important is what NOT to wear.

There are some clothing items that can create unnatural artifacts in the digital world. For example, blazers or shirts with intricate patterns can cause undesirable moire effects. They can often be removed in post-production but not always restored to the original look of the fabric. There is also a popular blue suit that can appear yellowish when studio light reflects on it. For these reasons, it is a good idea to consider bringing a second option of clothing or to avoid wearing such clothing items on the headshots day.

Feel free to inquire with The Light Committee to learn more.