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Summarizing How a Session Goes

You go to the booking page from this page using one of the available green buttons. When you book you get confirmations and receipts emailed to you. When you arrive at the studio the day of your session, you will first meet and consult with Rafael, the photographer, about your goals for the shoot. This includes going over wardrobe, backgrounds, etc. Then, we shoot. Around a couple of days later you get the gallery to download all the photos and select retouches. A pretty smooth process!

Hair and Makeup Stylist Option

Learn more about having a hair and makeup artist at the studio for your session.

Each Session Includes:

We’ll create around 30-50 shots per look and access to a premium online gallery will be emailed to you in 1-2 business days where you can select retouches and download all extra non-retouched photos too. Finished retouches are provided 1-2 business days after your selection is received.


$ 100
  • 30 Minutes (15/15 for Consult & Setup/Photos)
  • 1 Look (No Outfit Changes)
  • 1 Studio Background or Outside In Front of Studio
  • 1 Retouch Included


$ 100
  • 30 Minutes (15/15 for Travel & Consult/Photos)
  • 1 Look (No Outfit Changes)
  • At a Glendale, CA Park of Photographer’s Choice
  • 1 Retouch Included


$ 150
  • 60 Minutes (15/45 for Travel & Consult/Photos)
  • 2 LookS (One Outfit Change)
  • Studio and/or In Front of the Studio
  • 2 Retouches Included


$ 200
  • 90 Minutes (30/60 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • Up to 4 Looks / Backgrounds of Choice
  • Can Be In-Studio, Outdoors in Front of Studio, Both
  • 4 Retouches Included


$ 200
  • 90 Minutes (30/60 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • Up to 4 Looks (Subject to Limits of Changing at a Park)
  • Cityscape in Front of the Studio + at a Glendale, CA Park
  • 4 Retouches Included

Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online (2,000 DPI long edge). Retouches may be outsourced by the studio as needed.

Mobile Headshot Rates

Have the studio come to your offices for the convenience of creating headshots for a few to many team members with little work interruption. There is an additional cost for locations 25+ miles from the TLC studio address. See more details about mobile headshot services here.

Each session below includes: approximately a five minute mini-sessions per person, around 15-30 photos created per person, online proof gallery to select retouches, one retouched photo per person (8×10″ print quality), all extra photos also provided as JPEG files (uncropped, web quality around 2,500 DPI size, long edge). Turnaround time for proof gallery is 3-5 business days for up to 10 people. Turnaround time for retouched photo is 2-5 business days after selection is received, per person. Note: on-site mobile headshot services must be completed same-day, between 10 AM and 6 PM.


Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online (2,000 DPI long edge). Retouches may be outsourced by the studio as needed.

Need to Know More About How the Whole Process Works? Check it Out Below…

Headshots of a woman in a business suit and casual dress in Los Angeles
With a multiple look session you can get headshots for multiple uses from business to social media and more

The Process When Booking with The Light Committee

Online booking is available at the top of this page for business headshots in Los Angeles. Simply select the red booking button to get to the booking page. These sessions are ideal for any business professional, from accountants and doctors to creative directors and real estate agents, and so on. But first, you need to know what your goal is with your session.

Deciding on a Headshot Session

There are a few business headshots session options. They are based on how many looks (outfit, hair style, makeup, or background changes) you might want to accomplish your goal. Some people have it straightforward. For example, their job mandated they get a headshot. Or they just need a LinkedIn headshot. In scenarios like these, people book the one-look session. Some people need many more photos, for example if you need to brand yourself, your services, and your business. This can be an accountant, lawyer, psychologist, real estate agent, and so on. They might need a headshot to use on their website, a different one to run ads or for print marketing, yet another one for their newsletter, and perhaps a lifestyle type of shot for their hero image of a website.

Once you know how many looks you want, you can move forward with booking. There are also session add-on options. One is to add hair and makeup service for headshots. The other one adds video. The video production can be to produce a marketing video, for example to get across your business details, unique selling proposition, and so on.

The Booking Process

On the booking page, you will see full details on what is included, rates, and a calendar of availability. Once you select a time, you will enter your information to reserve the booking. A deposit is required and is applied toward the balance due. The balance is due at the end of the actual session. Payment with Venmo, Zelle, Apple Wallet Pay, or cash are preferred. Major credit cards are accepted as are tap payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You will receive confirmation and receipts via email and a reminder of your session 1-2 days before. The confirmation contains details about the studio location and parking. There is 3-hour free parking in lots north and south of Honolulu Ave. There is also metered parking – coins only – on Honolulu Ave. and some side streets. Be warned that parking enforcement patrols the streets multiple times daily. The studio entrance is on Honolulu Ave., between Market St. and Ocean View Blvd.

The Light Committee is located at 2266 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA, 91020. Most people are not familiar with charming and picturesque Montrose. It is part of the Glendale area. Burbank is the next city to the west of Glendale and Pasadena is the next city to the East. The studio is roughly 12-15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles and 12-15 miles east of central San Fernando Valley or cities like Sherman Oaks and Studio City. It is also 12-15 miles west of San Gabriel Valley cities like Arcadia and South Pasadena. It is 22 miles from Beverly Hills. The studio serves the greater Los Angeles area.

A view of Honolulu Ave in Montrose, CA
A view of Honolulu Ave in Montrose a suburb of Glendale Calif

During Your Session

Once you arrive at the studio, there is bottled water available and free Wi-Fi. There is also plenty of seating to get comfortable. If you’ve brought extra outfits, there is a place to hang them with hangars if you did not bring your own. If you will be changing outfits, you can use the restroom to do so.

After you’ve gotten comfortable, we will discuss your session so we can set a course to getting you the shots you want. This will include going over your outfit options, your profession and how you will use the headshot. We will go over background options, lighting options, and any other details suitable for your session.

Once we’ve set a plan, setup of the lighting and background are quickly done. Then your session moves toward creating the photos. Along the way, we will review the photos to ensure what you are after is being created.

Receiving the Headshots

Once your session is complete, you will receive an online proof gallery where you can download all the photos. They are provided as uncropped and unretouched JPEG files of around 2,500 DPI size, along the long edge. In the gallery, you select the retouches you want if your session came with a set number of retouches. In the majority of shoots, people want to buy extra retouches. So, you can opt to buy extra retouches in the gallery store.

Retouching is another important part of the process, to making your photos truly pop. Once you make any retouch selections and submit them, they will be worked on. Then the gallery will be updated again when the retouches are ready. The retouched headshot is usually provided as a print-quality JPEG file and also as a web-optimized JPEG file, which is easier for emailing and uploading.

Getting the gallery is typically around a couple of business days after your session and then getting the final professional headshots that are retouched is typically another two business days after having received your retouch selection(s).

Your gallery stays live for approximately 40-45 days, giving you plenty of time to download the photos and select your retouches. If there are unanswered questions, you are encouraged to view the FAQ page from the main menu or you can contact the studio to chat about things.

How About Some Tips For Maximizing Your Session’s Results? OK, Here You Go…

a business lifestyle photo shoot with a real estate agent in Los Angeles
The Light Committee Has an FAQ on This Website to Help Answer Most Questions

General Advice on Prepping for Your Session

At the bottom of this page, there are several blog posts that you can review to dive deeper into things that will make your headshot session and results go better. But here is a summary of the essentials. An FAQ page is also available to answer most questions.

Before your session, get a good night’s sleep so you appear as fresh as possible. Drink extra water the few days leading up to your session, so your skin appears more naturally hydrated and a tad bit clearer. As for posing, consider practicing a bit the night before. A bathroom mirror is a good place to do this. This way you can get a sense for what might appear to be too much or too little of one thing or another, such as smiling.

We will also go over this in the studio and collaborate on what steps we should take to make you look your best. Business headshots do not always mean wearing a full suit. A bit of advice here is to dress how you would if you were meeting an important client. If that means a full suit or just a shirt depends on you and your industry’s best-practices.

Be careful not to wear busy clothes – strong patterns, logos, etc. Some suits and shirts have intricate patterns or sheens that can cause an undesirable camera effect known as moiré. Try to avoid wearing such clothes as editing it fully away can sometimes not be possible.

Natural light falling in the fall on leaves of a tree
Natural light for headshots can be a good choice if a photographer can work with the elements that come with it

Studio or Outside Headshots?

Depending on the session you opted for, you might want outside headshots or studio headshots. This is a matter of personal preference, and neither is wrong. The Light Committee generally recommends studio shots primarily over natural light shots. This is not to say do not do natural light – just consider it as a secondary option, especially if you are doing multiple looks. However, much of this depends on your goal in the headshot. If you want to scream professionalism, a studio shot is probably best. If you want to scream warm and inviting, then perhaps natural light might be better.

But usually studio shots are the better choice. There are a few reasons why. In a studio, a photographer that knows what they are doing is in full control of the environment. They can position lights where they want, adjust levels, and modify them as needed to help make sure light falls on you in the most flattering way or in whatever way is necessary to meet the goals you are after. For example, a movie director might want a bit of drama in their headshot while a real estate agent generally wants to look highly approachable. With a studio and studio lights, the photographer is in full control as to how dramatic or how cheery the shot can look.

Outdoors, the photographer has much less control. The sun is where it will be and that changes by the hour. It might be too bright or too dark at appointment time. It might be windy, rainy, and more. It might be cold and make your skin more red or hot and make you sweat. Some outdoor background scenes can look really good but some not so good. There can be distractions like traffic, other people, and so on.

But again, natural light is a strong candidate for professional headshots – there is a look to natural light photos that is appealing too. But for the above reasons and more, studio-lit headshots are usually recommended. If you are doing many looks, do consider at least one with natural light. Or, of course, if you know the look you want is best with natural light, then it should be your primary scene.

Special Requirements for Headshots

The Light Committee does a lot of headshots that require meeting technical specifications. For example, this includes headshots for ERAS medical residency applications that have specification requirements like, sizing at 2.5 x 3.5 inches, a JPEG file less than 150 KB and maximum resolution of 150 DPI. Some corporations require a specific background color or that employees wear a specific item. Such requirements can go well beyond what is needed for LinkedIn headshots or other executive headshots.

As a result, it is recommended you bring any specifications with you and inform the photographer in advance. You might even add this information during booking. When you book, there is an opportunity to add a note or comments. This is just in case the composition of the headshot needs to be reconsidered as a result of needing to meet any requirements.

Also, if you are working with a web designer and are planning to use your business headshots on a website, find out if the designer has any specifications to meet. Often there are certain crops they will want, such as for a hero shot.

To this end, you might need to consider a lifestyle photo shoot session in addition or instead of a headshot session. Lifestyle photos are another type of photo and you can see examples and learn about lifestyle photo shoots here.

Medical Residency ERAS headshots in Los-Angeles by The Light Committee
An ERAS medical residency headshot has specific requirements to follow for applicants to submit it

Real Testimonials from Real Reviews

How Much Do Headshots Cost in Los Angeles?

Corporate head shot costs in Los Angeles can vary quite wildly. Some rates for a single look can be under $100 to well more than $500. Sometimes the quality results between these different rates is not noticeable either. It all depends on doing good research for a photographer that offers a balance of affordable rates with high quality results.

When looking for a photographer in Los Angeles, and if you are using a search engine, remember that the search engine tries to list photographers that are closest to you first. They are not always the best. So, don’t be afraid to expand your search, especially in a spread-out city like LA.

close up shot of hundred dollar bills
A corporate headshot of a woman entertainment executive in Los Angeles
A Well-Created Headshot Can Help Open Career Doors

Are Professional Headshots Worth It?

Yes. Research and studies have shown they have a scientific advantage. People gaze at professional photos on a profile much longer than if not. They view profiles much longer too. Do your own research here to learn for yourself that professional headshots are a worthwhile investment.

The question is also related to how much they cost. Are headshots worth paying for if they cost $1,000 each year? Maybe not so much. But what if they are $150-200 each couple of years? Then very much so. You spend more on cups of coffee over that time and coffee does not have a chance to land you your next big career move. Well, maybe it does if your great profile photo on LinkedIn led to a recruiter wanting to meet you for coffee.

Do And Don’ts for Headshots?

There are a lot of do and do not do items for business headshots. Do wear what you would to meet an important client. Make sure you get a good night of sleep the night before. Hydrate extra with water for the days leading up so your skin is in tip-top shape. Consider hair and makeup service. Also consider what your goal is with the headshot. Do smile in your headshot, in almost every case.

Do not wear clothes with complex patterns as they can cause undesirable artifacts in cameras. Avoid wearing busy patterns or clothes with large logos – unless it is intended for some purpose. Do not leave late for your session and end up having to rush to it, stressing out the entire situation. Try not to get your haircut the day before – in case you get a bad haircut. Do not overdo your makeup. Wear the same amount you would to an important client meeting. Try not to slouch and do not frown or look too serious. Look serious if the shot is appropriate in how you will use it.

A headshot of a tech executive in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get the Best Professional Headshots Made in Los Angeles?
You can start with an online search for a photographer but be careful not to settle for the list in Maps as it is basing it on the closest ones to you and not necessarily the best headshot photographer. Look for star ratings to see who has the most and that they are ideally the most five stars. Then check out the website for the list you created. See examples of their work, details on their studio and the location. See if they offer online booking and ask questions if needed, like “what should I wear?”

Are Professional Headshots Affordable?
Pricing for headshots can range from around $100 to near $1,000 because it depends on the photographer of choice. With a bit of homework, it is possible to find a good photographer that has a good rate. So, yes, headshots can be affordable. It also depends on if you just need one look or if you are wanting many looks to cover a lot of different outfits or scenes.

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