Child Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Summarizing How a Session Goes

First, rates start at just $100. You go to the booking page from this page using one of the available green buttons. When you book you get confirmations and receipts emailed to you. When you arrive at the studio the day of your session, you will first meet and consult with Rafael, the photographer, about your goals for the shoot. This includes going over wardrobe, backgrounds, etc. Then, we shoot. Around a couple of days later you get the gallery to download all the photos and select retouches. A pretty smooth process!

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Hair and Makeup Stylist Option

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A Kid’s Acting Headshot Session

A headshot for kids in the acting industry is as important as for an adult. Equally, finding the best actor headshot photographer for children is also important. On this page, above, you can see examples of some headshots The Light Committee has done for kids.

Like adults, you will need to consider if you want commercial headshots, or theatrical headshots, or both. Also, a photo shoot with kids will not always go as smoothly as with an adult, particularly the younger they are. That is understood and there are steps you and the photographer can take to maximize the results of a photoshoot with your child. Check out the blog post linked below for some good tips on this.

If you have any questions about a photo shoot to get acting headshots done for your child, feel free to contact the studio.

How to Make Your Kid’s Headshots Great

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Each Session Includes:

We’ll create around 30-50 shots per look and access to a premium online gallery will be emailed to you in 1-2 business days where you can select retouches and download all extra non-retouched photos too. Finished retouches are provided 1-2 business days after your selection is received.

1 Look Child Actor Session

$ 100
  • 30 Minutes (15/15 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • 1 Look / Background of Choice
  • 1 Retouch Included

2 Looks Child Actor Session

$ 150
  • 60 Minutes (15/45 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • Up to 2 Looks / Backgrounds of Choice
  • 2 Retouches Included

Premium Child Studio Session

$ 200
  • 120 Minutes (30/90 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • Up to 4 Looks / Backgrounds of Choice
  • 4 Retouches Included

Premium Child Natural Light Session

$ 200
  • 120 Minutes (30/90 for Travel & Consult/Photos)
  • Cityscape in Front of the Studio + at a Glendale, CA Park
  • Up to 4 Looks (Limits on Outfit Changes at a Park)
  • 4 Retouches Included

Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online (2,000 DPI long edge). Retouches may be outsourced by the studio as needed.

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Actor headshots of a woman in studio and outdoors in Glendale, CA
Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

To read a quick summary of how a session works – from booking to getting the photos – head to the main actor headshots page and scroll down to after the headshot examples. There you can also see details on how The Light Committee is recommended by some talent agents.

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This page was to show just child actor headshots in Los Angeles created by The Light Committee.

*NOTE: The Light Committee makes no warranties or guarantees about the results headshots will offer, whether expressed or implied. Getting a good headshot like seen here is but one important component to succeeding at getting an agent, getting cast as an actor, or achieving other successes. Individual results vary. The results mentioned here were verified by The Light Committee via individual actor profiles available online or by being informed by the actor of their achievements.