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Summarizing How a Session Goes

You go to the booking page from this page using one of the available green buttons. When you book you get confirmations and receipts emailed to you. When you arrive at the studio the day of your session, you will first meet and consult with Rafael, the photographer, about your goals for the shoot. This includes going over wardrobe, backgrounds, etc. Then, we shoot. Around a couple of days later you get the gallery to download all the photos and select retouches. A pretty smooth process!

Want to see more headshot examples first? You got it – whole pages of them!

The photographer and actor collaborative process is what directly contributes to superior headshot results!

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Hair and Makeup Stylist Option

Learn more about having a hair and makeup artist at the studio for your session.

Each Session Includes:

We’ll create around 30-50 shots per look and access to a premium online gallery will be emailed to you in 1-2 business days where you can download all the unedited photos we created and also select retouches. Finished retouches are provided 1-2 business days after your selection is received.

1 Look Session

$ 100
  • 30 Minutes (15/15 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • 1 Look / Background of Choice
  • 1 Retouch Included

2 Look Session

$ 150
  • 60 Minutes (15/45 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • Up to 2 Looks / Backgrounds of Choice
  • 2 Retouches Included

Premium Studio Session

$ 200
  • 90 Minutes (30/60 for Consult + Setup/Photos)
  • In-Studio and/or Natural Light in Front of Studio
  • Up to 4 Looks / Backgrounds of Choice
  • 4 Retouches Included

Premium Natural Light Session

$ 200
  • 90 Minutes (30/60 for Travel & Consult/Photos)
  • Cityscape in Front of the Studio + at a Glendale, CA Park
  • Up to 4 Looks (Limits on Outfit Changes at a Park)
  • 4 Retouches Included

Non-retouched photos are provided as JPEG files sized around 2,500 DPI on the long edge. Retouched photos are provided as JPEG print-quality 8×10” and as a web-quality file optimized to post online (2,000 DPI long edge). Retouches may be outsourced by the studio as needed.

Here Are Some Details About How Sessions Go.

A view of Honolulu Ave in Montrose, CA
A view of Honolulu Ave in Montrose CA, Part of Glendale

What to Expect When Booking with The Light Committee

In the upcoming sections, you can learn about how the whole process works – from the options to book your session, to what happens during your session, and how you eventually get the photos. In addition, you can refer to the FAQ page for additional answers.

How to Book and the Location

You can book a session from this page. There is a rates section above this with BOOK NOW buttons for sessions.  On the booking page you can see a schedule of availability, and complete details on what is included in a session. If you have questions first, contact Rafael at the studio anytime.

A deposit is required to hold a spot and can be refunded if within the cancellation policy. You will be emailed confirmations of your appointment and a receipt.

The studio is in Montrose. Haven’t heard of Montrose? Most people have not but Hollywood has. Many movie studios have filmed famous movies and TV shows on the charming and picturesque street where The Light Committee is located. Montrose is part of Glendale. Glendale is the next city East of Burbank and West of Pasadena. The studio is roughly 12-15 miles East of San Fernando Valley cities like Studio City or North Hollywood, and around 12-15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles or Hollywood.

During Your Headshot Session

First, there is free 3-hour parking in a lot behind and above the studio – south and north of Honolulu Ave. For shorter sessions, there is also metered parking – quarters only – on Honolulu Ave. and some side streets. Be warned, parking enforcement tickets regularly throughout the day. You will be provided a map of parking when you get your email confirmation for booking a session. The studio entrance is on Honolulu Ave.

In the studio, there is plenty of seating for comfort and a place to hang any outfits you bring. Free Wi-Fi and bottled water is available too. When you arrive, we will start with a quick consult about what you are after and begin planning the shoot. For example, we can discuss outfit and background options and whether you want your shoot in-studio, outdoors, or both.

Once we get started shooting, and along the way, we will review the photos as we go to ensure success each step of the way in getting the looks you are after. If you are getting multiple looks, you will eventually want to change. There is a restroom for this. There is also a hair and makeup room if needed.

At the end of your session, you pay any balance due. Venmo, Zelle, Apple Wallet pay, or cash are preferred. Major credit cards are also accepted, as are tap payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Getting Your Actor Headshots Afterward

Once your session is done, you will get an online proof gallery. From there you can download all the photos. They are provided with basic corrections if needed, like color, brightness, and so on. They are uncropped JPEG files sized at around 2,500 DPI along the long edge. In this same gallery you can select the retouches you want and can opt to purchase extra retouches. It typically takes a couple of business days to receive the gallery and then another couple of business days after you make your retouch selections to receive those photos too.

Retouched shots are typically provided as a print quality 8×10″ JPEG file. For the shots that are not retouched, they are still very high quality so you can put these extra shots to use too, like on social media, etc.

The Light Committee has amongst the most 5-star reviews for headshots in Los Angeles – 250+ – and you can read them here.

Here are Some General Tips.

Session Options

There are sessions that suit almost all needs You can contact the studio for custom sessions. Add-ons include a hair and makeup artist on-site and a high-quality slate video production, with studio lighting and studio audio. Otherwise, the sessions are straightforward for acting headshots, each one offering different numbers of looks and retouches.

Deciding which session is best for you might depend on where you are in your career. If you are just getting started and will be looking for agent representation, perhaps just a couple of looks is good enough. Then, after getting representation you can discuss your headshot options with your agent. Sometimes, agents will send an actor back for more headshots, for example to cover specific looks, like character headshots. Agents are likely to have input on what types of looks and how many they want from you. So, if you already have an agent, it is recommended you get specific input from them before scheduling.

If you already have headshots for your current looks and are just looking for more options, then which session is best depends on how many new looks you want to add. There are many cases where you will want to have more than just a couple of headshots and looks. For example, your agent likely needs many new options, or specific options, to submit to castings for you. Or perhaps you do not have a current portfolio yet or need an all-new one because your look has changed, and so on. In such cases, more than two looks are probably the way to go. In general, having more is better than having too few.

Actor theatrical headshot of a woman in studio and outdoors in Los Angeles
Here's are studio and natural light actor theatrical look examples
Character actor headshot of a doctor made in Los Angeles
An Example of a Character Headshot for Acting

What Looks Should I Go For?

In most cases, those looking to get the best actor headshots in Los Angeles will want to cover at least one commercial look and one theatrical look. If you are just getting started and are not familiar with these looks, there are blog posts at the bottom of this page to go over it.

How many of each depends on factors like how many headshots you already have that you can use, what your agent or manager needs, personal preference for how many options you want, and so on. Some actors opt just for commercial or just theatrical looks. It is important to know your goals ahead of time or discuss your goals with your agent or manager to ensure you get the headshots for the roles you want to target or that are ideal for you.

What Should I Wear for Acting Headshots?

There is a link below to a blog post to go over things in more detail. But briefly here, typically solid vibrant colors are best. There is nothing wrong with a plain black or white t-shirt but consider it is commonly used by other actors – and you want to use strategies to stand out as much as possible. For theatrical looks, think in layers, like a leather jacket over a shirt. Avoid busy patterns or jewelry, and large logos. Basically, minimize anything in your clothing that would distract attention away from your face, as the goal of your headshot is to focus casting directors there. Bring plenty of options with you. The goal of your clothes should be to complement the look you are trying to create while not being essential to that look. For character headshots it can be the opposite. A specific outfit and accessories help ensure the look is clear, like a lab coat and stethoscope for a doctor look.

Natural light falling in the fall on leaves of a tree
Natural light for headshots can be a good choice if a photographer can work with the elements that come with it

Are Studio or Natural Light Shots Better for Actor Headshots?

This is personal opinion or preference and varies by person. The Light Committee recommends studio headshots primarily. But outdoors should also be strongly considered. The primary reason for preferring studio is because a photographer that knows what they are doing has full control of light output. Outdoors, you are at the mercy of the sun and wind – is it too bright, too late in the day and too dark, is it cloudy, is it windy, a passerby getting in the way, and so on.

Excellent quality studio light stands out against lesser quality lighting equipment too. But again, natural light also has its own look that some people really like. Natural light can look as good or better than high-quality studio lights when it can be properly controlled. But this is more difficult to do than with studio lighting and when good equipment is available.

A good approach is – get your main actor headshots in a studio and extra support shots outdoors to round out your portfolio. In most cases, it is advised to have 5-7 strong actor headshots in your portfolio, not much fewer and too many more creates confusion. If you have 5-7, then it is probably good that at least 2-3 of these are with natural light.

In Los Angeles, there are many places to do headshots outdoors. At The Light Committee studio, located in Montrose (Glendale area), there is a very picturesque street right in front of the studio. There are also plenty of great parks nearby for greenery.

close up shot of hundred dollar bills

How Much Do Actors Pay for Headshots?

It can be easy to overpay for actor head shots. It can also be easy to not get good enough shots done. It is a balance and the city you are in also drives the cost you will pay. The typical expectation is that it will be several hundreds of dollars, and closer to $500 and sometime over that. But does it have to be?

The shots do not have to be expensive, if you do your homework and research a photographer in a city like Los Angeles, the most common workplace for actors. Shop around but remember that if you are using a search engine or map to find a photographer that it will try to list the closest ones to you. If you’re willing to travel a few extra miles, you might find a better bang for your money. So, expand your search.

What Kind of Headshots Do I Need for Acting?

In most cases, you will need at least a couple of shots, a commercial look and a theatrical look or two of each of these, depending on the types of castings you are after. Of course, the more shots you have in your portfolio the better. But you can overdo it too.

While there is no rule, and no two casting directors or agents are alike, popular advice is to keep the number of headshots in your portfolio to under 10 – around 5-7. This is a good amount because once you start to go beyond that, it can start to infuse confusion about you as a brand of actor.

Besides, if an agent or casting director wants to see more, it is not uncommon nowadays for them to check out your social media. So, remember to brand yourself there too.

Latina actor headshots in North Hollywood, CA
Typically You Want at Least a Commercial Look
A theatrical actor headshot done in studio in Los Angeles
Another Studio Actor Headshot

How Often Should an Actor Get Headshots?

An actor should update their headshots primarily when their look changes. This can be hair coloring or a haircut, growing facial hair, gaining or losing noticeable weight, if surgery alters your look, and so on.

An actor might also consider updating their headshots if the current ones are not working. Sometimes you find the right photographer and the shots come out great, but they just do not resonate with others. If you are not seeing results, try different looks, even if with the same photographer. Rotate shots in and out, just not too frequently, to see which ones resonate more.

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Actor headshots of a woman in studio and outdoors in Glendale, CA
Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Actor Headshots Cost in Los Angeles?
They can range from within $100-$200 to more than $500 for just one or two looks. A lot of the price depends on the photographer’s rates. Therefore, it is a wise choice for an aspiring actor to do their homework. Check out the photographer’s website to see examples of their work. See if they list their rates. Read reviews about them on sites like Google or Yelp.

What Type of Headshots Do Actors Need?
It depends on what stage of work the actor is in, meaning are they just getting started or do they already have an agent and are just looking for updated headshots. In most cases, having at least a commercial look and a theatrical look are important and common advice is to have at least 5-7 different looks overall on your profiles. But it is not unheard of for actors to only have commercial or theatrical looks, depending on the type of work they are targeting.

Actor Headshots Printing Services

Printing for limited-run 8×10″ headshots are offered for $30 for the first print, plus $3 for each additional print. Samples are available on-site. High quality premium luster paper is used. Mailing can be done for an additional fee or prints can be made available for pick up at the studio when they are ready. *NOTE: printing services are ONLY offered to customers that had their photos made / shot by The Light Committee.

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*NOTE: The Light Committee makes no warranties or guarantees about the results headshots will offer, whether expressed or implied. Getting a good headshot like seen here is but one important component to succeeding at getting an agent, getting cast as an actor, or achieving other successes. Individual results vary. The results mentioned here were verified by The Light Committee via individual actor profiles available online or by being informed by the actor of their achievements.