Following is information regarding rates for:

 For the above photography and videography services, rates are available for common sessions. Please inquire via email or phone (1-818-300-9434 – call or text) for rates specific to your needs. Below are additional related details.

Required Paperwork, Etc.

Required paperwork may include a release from liability, a permission for photography, etc. It is important to understand that, as provided for by U.S. law, the photographer fully owns the copyright and control of all photos or video created, even with your likeness or property in it. As such, photographer will only provide finished photos or video for the set number of photos or videos you’ve agreed to pay for. Thus, whether requested or implied, excess photos or videos not selected and paid for by a customer will not be provided by photographer without the customer properly purchasing either extra images or video to be finished by photographer or by customer legally purchasing the copyrights to photos or videos under a separate contract.

Booking fees of $25 or 20% of the service fee (whichever is higher) are required for individual headshot sessions and portraits.

Accepted payments include: cash, credit (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) or PayPal. Accept for established businesses (valid and curent EIN), no checks.

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