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I’m Rafael.

About Me - Headshot Photographer

A photo of Rafael, headshot photographer of The Light Committee in Los Angeles.

Photography is my passion.

Rafael - My Story

Once upon a time there was this kid in high school that signed up for his first photography class. He loved it so much – so very much – that he continued with photography courses, lifelong real-world learning, and has never stopped with the practice of photography. The hobby quickly matured into the passion it is today.

Famous photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, is credited with saying your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. But that was back in the days of film, where each shot you took could not be electronically deleted and reshot. A lot more careful planning was needed to not waste a shot. Today we can delete digital files as often as we want, and this instantly gives you that digital space back to create another one. With this liberty, we take many more shots and often with less planning. So, today it is more like your first 100,000 shots are your worst.

After countless shots of my own, I arrived on choosing the journey of photographing a person at a time, one on one, because of the unique and enjoyable collaboration involved. It is often an actor, executive, artist, content creator, or similar individual. Anyone can take a picture. We will be creating an image and a memorable experience. Whether the images are to be used for your agent, your business, your online profiles, or whatever, in the brief time we spend together in a session, a lifelong positive memory is created from the experience of your professional photo shoot. That is the power of great photography. You do not get that wonderful experience with a selfie, and you certainly do not get the level of great imagery as you do from a real photography session.

This is the goal of every photo shoot with me – to create strong marketable images for whatever goals you have that were created while experiencing a lifelong positively memorable photo shoot session. Lifelong positively memorable for everyone – that may be a lofty goal but one worth pursuing every time. So far, so good, and I will bend over backward to do whatever I can, so you have the same experience too.

My Work Experience

I went on after high school, and those initial photography courses, to join the U.S. Air Force and California Air National Guard. I served full terms for both with an honorable discharge. I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in Journalism, with honors. Afterward, back in Los Angeles, I worked at two of the largest global public relations firms – Ketchum and MSL – and one of the largest boutiques in technology public relations in California – Capital Relations. I later started my own public relations consulting practice working with small business to Fortune 500 technology companies. One time, I had a client that knew I loved photography and asked if I could do their product photography. That went well, products sold, and so they later asked for headshots for their website update. More clients asked. This spawned The Light Committee into being, offering headshot photography and other one-on-one photo shoots. I have now done countless actor headshots and business or professional headshots for corporate or other business use that include all kinds of professions: attorneys, accountants, artists, CEOs, creative directors, psychologists, real estate agents, and on and on for 20+ years. This doesn’t even count the numerous modeling digitals and lifestyle photo shoots too. Yes, I have created way more than 100,000 shots! 😉

The Light Committee award for best portrait photographers in Los Angeles by
Awarded From 2019-2023 – From Nearly 1,300 Photographers Considered
The Light Committee award for best portrait photographers in Glendale, CA by
Awarded From 2020-2023 – From More Than 70 Photographers Considered
Member of the American Photographic Artists association

The Light Committee

What's with the name?

So, why The Light Committee name? Lighting a person varies by the goal of the image being created. On one occasion, it might call for a single-light setup while on another it might require a four or more light setup that need to work in concert. The word “committee” is defined as a group appointed to perform a function or act upon a particular matter. Sometimes all the group is required and sometimes just some of the group. In a loosely similar way, lighting a subject requires lights to perform the function of lighting for a particular matter, just like a committee is to operate. And so, The Light Committee.

 The Light Committee is insured to meet Los Angeles County photography business requirements.