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Product Photographer – Los Angeles

So, what exactly is a product and why do you need good photographs for it? Let’s paraphrase Wikipedia’s description:

First, in marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. Second, in retailing, products are called merchandise. Third, in manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and sold as finished goods. A service is another common product type. 

Furthermore, commodities are usually raw materials such as metals and agricultural products. However, a commodity can also be anything widely available in the open market. In project management, products are the formal definition of the project deliverables. Thus, they make up or contribute to delivering the objectives of the project. Additionally, in insurance, the policies are considered products. They are offered for sale by the insurance company that created the contract. Also, in economics and commerce, products belong to a broader category of goods. The economic meaning of product was first used by political economist Adam Smith.

Product Photography Working For You

High-quality product photography is essential to creating demand for it. Most of all, a photograph is often the first impression you’ll make. In fact, most shoppers state a good quality photo is more important than any description you write. As a result, with a bad photo a possible buyer may not even read related content. They’re likely to just move on.

It is mission critical to get your branding properly marketed. And, high-end photography is at the heart of this. So, maybe you need photography for advertising, packaging, or to meet Amazon.com requirements. Perhaps you need it for eBay, Shopify or other e-commerce listings. Regardless, you’re on the right website.

Product Photographer Examples

So, the above are photography examples from The Light Committee. They showcase real-world examples of working with a quality photographer. Please browse other photo libraries for many other examples. Some pricing and services details can be found on this website.

Finally, these services are provided for vendors throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In addition, out-of-state and international businesses also ship to The Light Committee studio for services. Therefore, your location is irrelevant to ensuring you can have good quality photos.

Don’t DIY

Another key point, there is no device that can create commercial-grade product photography with a single click. Unquestionably, it takes a lot of good gear and time. High-end studio setups for commercial photography are expensive. First, $3,000+ for a camera body (we won’t count a backup, which you should have). Second, $1,000-$2,000 or more per lenses of choice (again, we won’t count a backup), Third, $4,000 for studio strobes (backup – you get the point). Fourth, $2,000 for various other items. These can include product tents or seamless, grids, and barndoors. Also, reflectors, c-stands, soft boxes, tripods, and various other goodies photographers have on hand to use as needed.

Yes, $10,000+ to start out with high-end commercial photography. By all means, it gets way more costly than this. There are some brands that work with photographers where the camera body alone is $20,000+. Of course, it can be done for less. But, you should also expect far less in results. That is, if less is what you want when sales figures start rolling in.

I mean, do you really want to risk low sales as a first impression to save a few hundred dollars, what’s more your own personal income too. So, the proof of how photography can impact your sales is everywhere. So, don’t take my word for it. Search for the data yourself.

Your Income Does Depend On It

Okay, maybe this is getting a bit dramatic. Or is it? So, you’re launching your new brand or product, of which you want to sell a lot of. Undeniably proven, the primary thing people are influenced by to decide whether to purchase your product are the photographs. This is conversely true whether shoppers are deciding to click buy online or are on your website before deciding to drive to the store. Ask your own self, how many times have you bought a product that had poor pictures? It’s rare if not ever. So, why would you ever risk doing that with your product?

Product photography is not where you cut corners. Image is everything. So, make sure you have it done right, with a commercial photographer that has a portfolio to prove it, to make a great first impression.

More to Consider

So, you of course need to check out a product photographer’s portfolio. If you sell XYZ, don’t necessarily worry about if that photographer has photographed XYZ 10 times before. In other words, it’s equally important that they show diversity. This helps establish that they can accomplish product photography no matter the product.

Also, if you plan to sell on Amazon.com, you might know that there are specific requirement for an image. Make sure your photographer has demonstrated their photos are on Amazon.com.

Finally, at some point you probably will want to take your product branding to the next level. Indeed, this will require lifestyle photography, lookbook photography, or model photography. So, if you’re looking to partner with a photographer long-term, be sure they can do this too.

Summing it Up

Product photography is too important to go low-budget with it or try DIY. There is plenty of market data to prove poor photos can certainly sink your product right out of the gates. So, this is not where you want to skimp. Find a good photographer that can do it for you. There are so many variables that can go wrong: poor product design, delayed shipping, website outages, etc. At least be sure one of the most important elements – bad product photography – isn’t going to be the problem.

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