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First of all, before we get into details on lifestyle and lookbook photography, how does Wikipedia define photography? Overall, to paraphrase what it states: as the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images. Thus, it is done by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation. Basically, it can be done either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

In addition, to paraphrase Reference.com, using commercial photographs is especially beneficial for selling products. Furthermore, the photos may focus on the aesthetics of an item or its use. Specifically, business promotion also relies heavily on commercial photography. For example, it’s used to produce billboards, flyers, pamphlets or other items meant for the purpose of conveying information to potential clients or customers. But, it is common for commercial photography to overlap with another form of photography. For one thing, pictures taken for clothing catalogs or websites fall under both the commercial and fashion photography umbrellas.

So, it seems like we’ll often drive long distances to go to our favorite places. Chiefly, this is because they provide a quality experience or quality results. Maybe it’s for fine dining for a favorite meal or a great resort to relax. So, it’s especially relevant that your expectations for your photographer should be no different. Therefore, when you’re looking for a photographer, the results they provide are far more important than their location.

More Information

Altogether, the above are a few examples of photography results for The Light Committee. For one thing, it showcases real-world examples of the quality you should expect from commercial photographers. In addition, each series showcases lifestyle and modeled photos. Thus, it also demonstrates work with a model photographer / fashion photographer. In particular, this includes advertising, e-commerce listings, lookbook creation, and more. So, please browse other photo libraries for more examples.

Generally, photography services for lifestyle, model, and lookbook photography are provided throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In addition, The Light Committee can travel to you wherever you are. So, if you’re out of state or international, you can also ship items to The Light Committee to manage the photo shoot for you. Without doubt, if you’re looking for commercial photographers that can help your brand, product, or persona stand out, you’ve landed on the right website.

So, you’re looking to hire a lifestyle photographer or lookbook photographer (commercial photographer). Thus, you have to do some homework to be sure you find the right one. Basically, you need to find the right photographer at the right price. Overall, remember you get what you pay for. Also, remember that your brand’s photos are likely the first impression you get to make on a potential customer. Undoubtedly, most shopping today starts online, for research. Evidentally, research shows pictures are the number one thing shoppers want to see from sellers – even ahead of reviews.

So, if photos are this desirable by shoppers, it is the biggest point of differentiation you can make between you and your competition. Hence, you should go out of your way to make sure they are high quality. Thus, photography is not a where you want to skimp. Also, lifestyle photography is where you can stand apart from the common product photography. In particular, it lets your potential customers more easily visualize how they might use your product. Indeed, this is why successful brands you know employ lifestyle photography.

Other Fashion / Lookbook Considerations

So, the same is true with fashion / lookbook or model photography. Certainly, having clothing items on a mannequin is a step above photographing them flat-lay. Obviously, having them on a model again helps the shopper more easily visualize themselves in it. By the same token, creating this visualization is what is behind open houses – so you can see yourself in it. It’s what’s behind the test drive – so you can see yourself driving that car. So, this is what lifestyle and lookbook photography can do to elevate your brand too.

Hence, you need a photographer that has demonstrated they can capture such images. In the same fashion, they should demonstrate they know how to work with models, brands, locations, and so on. In addition, their equipment matters almost as much as them. Basically, a good photographer with a smartphone can use it better than a non-photographer. But, with great gear they can work magic. Thus, they should have the gear to pull out the best that they can do.

Studio Considerations

Also, you’re likely going to need a studio. By all means, a studios can be rented but, this adds to cost. Also, there will be a lack of familiarity if it’s a rental. Thus, it can negatively impact a shoot. To be sure, these are just some of the things to consider. But, more than anything, don’t skimp on finding a good photographer, because image is everything. By all means, the photos you use to brand your products will in part determine their demand.

In addition, there are other things to consider. For instance, you might want to setup a mood board. After all, it usually helps ensure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, you should discuss licensing use. So, your photographers, models, etc., are not surprised by how copyrighted work or likenesses are used. Obviously, there is a lot to consider. But, a good photographer will make it run smooth.

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