The Power of Branding with Professional Photos

Have you considered the power that professional photos have on your business brand? If you are currently using grainy photos that have bad lighting, pixelated zoom, and awful white balance, you could be hurting your own success. There are plenty of reasons why professional photos help your business brand, so let’s go over some of the biggest ones.

Great Representation of Your Brand

This one may seem obvious but professional photos give a great presentation of your brand. No matter if you sell mugs or mittens, you want your website visitors to be able to zoom in and inspect every inch of your product. Customers have to know what you are selling and if you supply a great photo it will draw them into wanting what they’re seeing. If you own a restaurant you don’t want to depend on your customer’s poor quality smartphone images to showcase your foods. Instead, you want to hire a professional that understands how to take a knockout food photo that gets mouths watering!

Professional Photos

Quality Can’t Be Compared

Yes, you may have the latest smartphone with the best camera on the market but you know what you don’t have? A camera worth thousands of dollars that’s specifically designed to take the shots you want. You also likely don’t have the many other staging and lighting equipment that comprise a professional commercial photographer’s studio. A photographer worth their salt understands things like composition, style and providing a photo that tells its own story. This means, in short, that no matter how great you think your iPhone picture can represent your product, there’s every chance a professional photographer with the right equipment can do an incomparable job that exceeds yours.

Plus, the quality of your branding is representative of the quality of your product and this includes the photography you use to market your product. The product photos you use are the first impression you’ll make. If you settle for smartphone-quality when the competing leaders in your industry use commercial-grade quality, it might be the only impression you get to make.

You Get the Image You Want

When you have a certain vision in mind you can sit down with a photographer that works with images all day. They can help you conceptualize your idea and discuss what your goals are for the money you’ll spend. You should end up with a photography service that’s perfected by the experience that your professional commercial photographer provides.

You may still be on the fence about pulling the trigger and hiring a professional but at the end of the day, it’s more about how much you value your product. If you think what your offering is best represented by a point and shoot camera or a cellphone picture, that’s up to you. However, your brand’s ability to grow may suffer from bad representation. If you want to make the best impression and start building a lasting and effective brand, you should start with visuals because they have one of the biggest impacts when you are attempting to sell something.

If you would like to browse The Light Committee’s product shots you can do so on the main page. Feel free to submit an inquiry form today or call (818) 357-5353 to get started on planning your professional product shoots! You’re a professional brand which means you deserve professional photos.

Five Reasons to Invest in Professional Product Photography

Owning a business, big or small, takes a lot of work, foresight, and responsibility. Have you considered that you may be hindering your own success by not having professional shots of your products? There are plenty of benefits for the expense of getting professional product photography.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars

You probably know the real saying about pictures and it’s especially true these days. With so much emphasis on imagery in our daily lives, a photograph can make or break your sale. One of the biggest industries where photographs are important is arguably the housing market. For example, you may have seen a home with perfect staging and beautiful HDR photographs. However, a different home with a messy presentation, bad lighting, and grainy quality won’t have the same effect. Various research studies have proven that the home with great photos not only sell faster to prospective buyers than a home without, but they also sell for more. The internet being at our fingertips means that people will formulate an opinion about your product and your business before they’ve even stepped through your shop door.

These Photos Represent Your Business

It may be oh so tempting to take a quick shot of a product using your phone. After all, that saves time and money, so what’s wrong with it? You have to keep in mind that these product photos represent your business brand and quality. They are a direct reflection of how much you care. Your quality of photos and your quality of website are going to be highly scrutinized by today’s modern consumer, so make sure they’re top notch! They will be used to compare your photos to the competition’s photos. So, a good photo is your first opportunity to position your brand as high quality.

Professional Product Photography

Customers Want to Know the Real You

You may feel that cutting corners and using stock photos will be fine. If you’re selling a product that you buy en masse on Alibaba, that might make some sense for average branding. However, stock photos just don’t cut it. Clients and customers want to see your products and representing it with a stock photo means it can be easily traced with a reverse image search. If you aren’t giving your customers the authentic and honest you, why should they spend their hard earned money on what you’re offering?

Original Images Can Help Your SEO

As a business owner, you may be all too aware of the intricacies of SEO. However, did you know that even your images play an important role? When you have high-quality optimized photos your website can be found in image searches. It’s also better for the overall performance of your site. It will help encourage your customers to engage with your content or stay on your site longer compared to a competitor with poor quality product images.

You’ll Have the Luxury of Versatility

You may not put much stock into photos but having professional shots can be a real game changer for your business. They can be essential in building your brand, especially when content sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest work mainly on sharing photos and videos. You can use them when sharing your products, writing up blogs, or sending examples to interested clients. They can be used to make eye-catching pamphlets, in print advertisements and billboards. The extent of your photo’s reach depends entirely on your imagination, determination and advertising budget. One great photo and marketing budget can mean thousands more in revenue for your company if you play your cards right. If you are interested in professional product shots you can depend on The Light Committee to provide excellent work. Explore the product photography examples and fill out an inquiry form today to get started! You can also call The Light Committee at (818) 357-5353.

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