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A real estate headshot of a woman in natural light in Glendale, CA

How Do You Stand Out in Headshots?

Your headshot is competing for attention more than you think. Actors know their headshot is one of many being considered by a casting director. A lawyer with a Google ad knows their headshot is one of many being looked at by potential clients. And if you are not aware, even on LinkedIn your lack of a professional headshot can negatively impact career opportunities that come your way.

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a headshot of a woman in Los Angeles outside that can be used for a dating profile

What Makes a Bad Headshot?

A lot more than people think goes into creating a great headshot. So, it is much easier to create a bad headshot than a great one. Obvious ways include settling for your smartphone or an AI headshot. But there are other lesser know factors.

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creative director men business headshots in a studio in LA

Why You Must Avoid Getting an AI Headshot

The deals are everywhere and so is the publicity – the AI headshot has arrived. Now – supposedly – what many photographers used to charge hundreds of dollars for can be had virtually – literally – for dollars to less than $50. But is an AI headshot really good enough to replace a real photograph?

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