Actor Headshot Rates & Booking

All below sessions include receiving an online proof gallery to make retouch selections. Then receive all photos, including the extra ones not retouched, via a download link. Complete details for each session are provided once you opt to schedule a session.

2 Looks, 2 Retouches
In-Studio, Outdoors, or Both
1 Hour Session

Unlimited Looks, 4 Retouches
+ One Slate or 1 Extra Retouch
In-Studio, Outdoors, or Both
2 Hour Session

Social Feed Session, 5 Retouches
2 Hour Session



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*Proven Results!

Actors – many pictured on this page – that have had headshots made by The Light Committee have submitted them to talent agents and secured their representation.

Actors – many pictured on this page – have used these headshots as part of submitting to be considered for auditions and then successfully got cast on productions by A&E, BET, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, etc.

Actors – again, many pictured here – have used their headshots as part of submitting for auditions and then successfully got cast for commercial roles with major brands.

Some talent agents and some managers have recommended that the actors they work with get their headshots updated only with The Light Committee.

Los Angeles - Men's Actor Headshots - The Light Committee

To read a quick summary of how a session works – from booking to getting the photos – head to the main actor headshots page here and scroll down to after the headshot examples. There you can also see details on how The Light Committee is recommended by some talent agents.

Go to the women’s actor headshot page.

This page featured examples of just men’s actor headshots, though some were child actor headshots too, made by The Light Committee. The headshot studio serves the Los Angeles area.

*NOTE: The Light Committee makes no warranties or guarantees about the results headshots will offer, whether expressed or implied. Getting a good headshot like seen here is but one important component to succeeding at getting an agent, getting cast as an actor, or achieving other successes. Individual results vary. The results mentioned here were verified by The Light Committee via individual actor profiles available online or by being informed by the actor of their achievements.