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  • When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, DO NOT do it on a smartphone. The smaller the image, the more imperfections that can be hidden. At the very least, view them on a large tablet or laptop. A large desktop computer monitor of at least HD quality is best.
  • When reviewing images, look for good sharpness and clarity, good colors, themes and moods that resonate with you. In addition to image quality, is there creativity in the images.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to provide details about the brand and model of camera they will use with you, as well as the lenses. Also, what lighting and modifier brands do they use. Their pricing should not be out of line with their equipment or portfolio results.
  • Do they have their own fully-equipped studio – it might be okay if they don’t because one can be rented. However, rentals add to costs, logistics, and can consume more time as it brings up unknown quantities (is the studio available when you need it, what gear do they have, etc.).
  • Have a discussion with your photographer – be candid, and are they candid with you. Figure out if they understand what you want from your photo shoot and how they can contribute even more than you expect.


Following are summarized details of how a typical photo shoot might go so you become familiar with the process. While some rates are available online, custom rates are of course an option. Please inquire with any other questions if not answered here.


  • Upon our first communication, we’ll go over ideas and themes you want to capture in your photo shoot
    • We can do a mood board for certain shoots
  • We’ll settle on themes, a location, dates and time for the shoot
  • Once scheduled and confirmed, I will likely reconfirm via an email or text the day before
  • Once the photo shoot is completed as planned, previews of photos from the shoot will be prepared
  • An online gallery will be made available for you to select the specific number of photos as your favorites to have finished
  • Finished photos are provided as high resolution files generally suitable for printing at 8×10″ or other crop sizes as requested or needed
    • The technical file details: JPEG, 300 dpi files of around 3,000 ppi in size (long edge). PNG or TIF can be provided in place of JPEG files
    • RAW files are not provided unless a complete copyright buyout is negotiated and paid for
  • Turnaround time is generally 1-3 days for headshots or portraits, and under a week for commercial photoshoots but, it depends on overall workload and the number of images to be processed



I only see limited sessions on your website – can I book sessions for longer or shorter times?
Sessions can be customized by time, the number of photos and/or prints needed but, not for less than 30 minutes. Please be sure to allow at least that much time for a quality photo shoot. Sessions can also be longer. You can inquire about custom rates.


Does your studio offer parking and Wi-Fi?
Yes. There is free parking on the studio lot. There is also abundant free street parking. Wi-Fi details can be provided as needed.


Can I bring my own props?
Props are okay to bring but, please clear them with me before bringing them to ensure they are allowed on the premises.


Do you travel to locations for photo shoots?
Yes, though travel time does count toward a photo shoot’s session time and invoicing will reflect this.

Do we need permissions to do photography?
Yes. It’s important to understand photographers own copyright to photos of you, even with your likeness in them. This is the way US copyright law works. But, photographers cannot sell or use your likeness in their photos without your permission. So, a permission for photography and their use is needed. Then there are permits for shooting at certain locations. The LA area is pretty difficult when it comes to doing photography in public places – generally permits are required and they can cost hundreds of dollars. I have permits in place to use select LA county parks and beaches for photo shoots, saving you this cost. Also, a liability release from injury is also required.

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