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I’m an artist providing commercial photography services to create lifestyle, ecommerce (lookbook, modeled, products), headshots, portraits, and other photographs with premium results. My goal is to provide you with a premiere end-to-end experience resulting in standout artwork to meet your photography goals, whether it’s to use it to advertise your brand, to launch an ecommerce-based product, to get excellent headshots, or to capture life’s special moments with portraiture.

I turned a decades-long love for photography as an art form into a commercial photography service. And, it started with my PR and marketing consultant work for large and start-up companies. Photography use in the business world hasn’t stopped growing and it gave me a chance to use my own photography for clients. I did so by adding it as a service component of my PR/marketing consulting. When I did my first photo shoot as a commercial photographer years ago, it was while doing marketing for a computer electronics company. My client needed product photos so they could sell on Amazon.com. So, I was given the chance to do the photo shoot and I went on to do head shots for other companies. It grew from there. Now, I offer premium photography services and have worked with people throughout Los Angeles for headshots and portraits and brands in Los Angeles and worldwide (Europe, etc.) for lifestyle, ecommerce and product photography.

My other business experience includes holding account executive and client management roles at two of the top 10 largest worldwide PR agencies, Ketchum and MSL. This includes managing teams and client budgets in excess of $30,000+ monthly, I earned a BA in Journalism, California State University, Northridge, and graduated with honors. I also served honorably in the US Air Force and California Air National Guard. Please get in touch with me about your photography needs. I hope to have the chance to do your next photo shoot.


  •  Insured to meet Los Angeles County photography business requirements
  • Permit with Los Angeles County to conduct up to 10-person crew photo shoots at select county beaches and parks

The Light Committee studio has several backgrounds, props, and more. So, we can do, and have done, many lifestyle, lookbook, headshot, portrait, product photography, and other photo shoots in the studio. There is also a garden with trees and some props for outdoor photos. I use photography equipment that are regarded as among the best in the industry for commercial photography. This includes high-end commercial-grade Nikon DSLR camera bodies. It also includes the use of many premium prime and zoom lenses to cover anything from macro shoots to portraits and more.

Premium lighting is also used with commercial-grade industry-leading strobe lights and soft boxes. Other lighting tools are used as needed, like speedlights, reflectors, and more. For touch-ups, again, only the best software and equipment is used to process photos. So, it combines to give you a premium photo shoot experience and results hard to find almost anywhere else.

Following are some companies / brands served or that have used The Light Committee’s photography…



Successful people and businesses understand now - more than ever - a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The Light Committee is here to meet your photography needs to help you, your product or your brand stand apart.


- Lifestyle Photographer
- Lookbook Photographer
- Model Photographer
- Headshot Photographer
- Portrait Photographer
- Post-Production
- Other Commercial Photography


Photography is fully accomplished with professional-grade equipment, applications and operations to meet any photography requirements - whether it's a headshot for your portfolio or a lifestyle photoshoot for a national magazine advertising campaign. Work is backed with a standard photography agreement so you always know what you're getting, for how much, and by when. This process combines to ensure beautiful and effective photography services delivered on time and as expected.

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