Month: February 2018

Time for TLC Thoughts: You Get What You Pay For; Victimless; and Why?

TLC Thoughts

Price Can Be an Indicator of Quality

You get what you pay for. PetaPixel posted a story about a wedding photography disaster. To summarize, a couple in the UK hired a wedding photographer, supposedly after checking out his work, and the pictures turned out to be really bad, in their opinion. Continue reading

Nikon’s D850 Selling Well But, Is It a Worthy Upgrade?

Nikon D810 vs. D850

The D810: Love This Camera!

It’s great to read that Nikon’s newest high-end DSLR, the D850, is apparently selling quite well. Last year and in 2016, I kept reading the opposite – that the DSLR market was in trouble. Apparently, like most markets, it just needed some innovation. But, how innovative is the D850? Continue reading

Video Version: 3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots

So, you’re considering getting professional headshots done – it might be why you’re about to watch this video. You’re correct to think about getting good professional headshots. Almost any type of career can benefit from it and data shows professional headshots matter…

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