The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Professional Headshot

Selfie Headshots Are Not Headshots

No, a selfie doesn’t count.

You’ve probably arrived here because you’re pondering getting professional headshots done. There are so many types of people that can benefit from one. In fact, it’s hard to think of a profession where a good headshot wouldn’t be of some benefit. The obvious ones include actors who need them for casting calls. Then there are countless types of business executives who can use them for the company website, LinkedIn, and so on. You can also make them go the extra mile and consider using them for your online personal profiles. Regardless of the industry you work in, here are three solid reasons why you should get professional headshots.

It Shows Self-Confidence

Having a big beautiful picture taken of yourself may seem a requirement for some industries. For example, almost every real estate agent uses a headshot to promote their services. But, that’s truly what a headshot does for you regardless of what your profession is. Like it or not, your headshot is the first thing someone uses to measure you as a person – that includes the lack of using a headshot. It speaks volumes. Wherever you use it, a good professional headshot demonstrates self-confidence in yourself. And, self-confidence is a top-five trait employers look for in a candidate.

The opposite, of course, is low self-worth or self-esteem. Studies show most people unfortunately fall into this boat. So, a good headshot is one way you can demonstrate you stand apart from this trait that employers don’t want.

Because Others Settle for Less

Speaking of standing apart, a professional headshot will help you do just that. Nowadays, it’s easy for people to take a selfie and call it good as a headshot. It just isn’t. In fact, it’s a terrible idea to use your smartphone for a headshot. Or, they opt for no headshot at all. There are two big problems with this.

First, to not have a headshot simply puts you at a disadvantage over those that do. There are surveys finding that as high as 75% of us are visual learners. It’s estimated people will remember six times more about your profile if there is a picture to go with it. So, LinkedIn and other online profiles without a headshot aren’t drawing the attention that could be drawn with a good headshot.

Back to the smartphone selfie? I’ve received a few calls recently for headshots for LinkedIn. The reason they wanted headshots was because someone told them their LinkedIn picture was not professional. When I would go view the pictures, they were always smartphone selfies. So, how many times has someone thought that of yours and didn’t tell you? It’s said it’s possible that each time you hear about it, there are at least 26 other times people felt the same but didn’t tell you.

Because a Good Photographer Will Make it Look Good

There’s only one way to get a professional headshot that shows your self-confidence and that stands apart from the dominant selfie. And, that is with a professional photographer that has professional-grade camera gear and studio and understands how to use it. If you’re not yet convinced here are many more quick-hitting reasons for getting headshots:

15 More Reasons

  1. It’s the first impression of you for someone
  2. It helps build trust before they meet you
  3. It’s inviting to the viewer – it says you’re approachable
  4. Because it’s a current depiction of you
  5. You’ll feel better about yourself (there’s that self-confidence thing again)
  6. You can get truly premium headshots at a fair price
  7. You’ll likely find other uses for them
  8. Because how many times have you stared at a headshot and judged
  9. A bad headshot can turn people off (not just employers, dating too)
  10. You just might get asked for a current headshot and not have one ready to go
  11. Because it will make you look your best
  12. It puts the focus on you
  13. It demonstrates you have high standards
  14. You don’t have the gear or other capabilities to professionally do it yourself
  15. Because you get what you pay for – cheap or free is usually garbage
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